Joan Rivers Blasts North West: You're Ugly!

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You've gone and done it now, Joan Rivers.

You've made us side with Kim Kardashian.

During a set this week at the Saban Thatre in Los Angeles, the long-time comedian took aim at little North West and quipped:

"That baby is ugly ... I’ve never seen a 6-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing."

Rivers, of course, is notorious for going off on everyone and anyone in Hollywood, recently telling Jennifer Lawrence to shut up and once calling out Adele as fat.

But a baby? Really, Joan?!?

Say what you want about Kim and Kanye (please, whatever you want!), but celebrity's kids should always be off limits. Especially when those kids can't even walk yet.

React now to Rivers' remarks. What do you think?




Someone who has had tons of plastic surgery shouldn't talk....and she is still ugly and so is her daughter....and children and babies are off limits.....
Joan is an ugly bitch, always has wonder her hubby took his own life....


First, let me preface my comments by saying I am very careful about not speaking negatively about people in the blogs. I try not to, really, but... Joan is ugly and always has been, even as a young woman. Not only is she physically unattractive, but has such an unattractive personality that her husband killed himself to get away from her. I am so tired of this woman bashing everyone constantly. She is probably the least fashionable woman on the planet, wearing the same suit and jewelry for years, albeit in different colors, yet she calls herself a fashion police. Where is the fashion? Her status as a comic and mature age has given her cover to talk badly about people. Enough Joan. Go sit down in the corner somewhere and shut up!


I can't believe that an elderly woman can talk like that about a baby, an innocent child who can't talk or walk....You can hate the mum but please leave the child alone.

@ Judith

Considering the source explains it.Absolutely disgusting.


that's is a mess up thing to say, there are no ugly babys and north west is a very cute girl, maybe joan needs to shut the pipe hole and stick her ugly ass face in a toilet before saying comments like that about an innocent child. I know must people don't like kim but that doesn't mean you can talk about her baby.


Joan needs to look in the mirror before talking about how anyone look.

@ Binky

Unlike you, Joan, I'll bet North won't be getting a shitload of plastic surgery when she gets older!!!!


What a ugly remark north west is adorable looks just like a new born chimp.

@ Sancho

That's terrible... but I laughed!


The baby is sooo cute. Looks like a mixture of both Kim and Kanye. I think she's going to be a lovely woman. Joan Rivers is a washed up old hag. She's so ugly she has to pull the covers over her head before sleep will even creep up on her.


How cruel even for Joan. The baby is lovely with that happy smile.. Joan just needs attention. She should take a second look in the mirror and see her stretched, pulled every which way face caked with makeup to try and hide the map lines. Maybe the next plastic surgeon will sew up her mouth, accidentally by mistake!


JR's brand of humor is all hate and insults -- a cheap laugh anyone can get. That's why Seinfeld was and will be considered brilliant in is comedic talent. He made us laugh at ourselves -- for our missteps and foibles, not for how we look. JR is just showing how pathetically desperate she is. That said, I am not and never will be fan of K or K!!

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