Jennifer Lawrence Flips Out Over Damian Lewis, Has Homeland Totally Spoiled for Her

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Warning: Major Homeland Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Unfortunately, no one gave this same warning to Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet of the SAG Awards Saturday night.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Lawrence flipped out over seeing Damian Lewis standing just a few feet away and told Shaun Robinson that she's seen Seasons 1 and 2 of Homeland and she's a HUGE fan of the actor.

So he comes over, gives Lawrence a hug, the two share some adorable small talk... and then Robinson gives away a monumental spoiler from Season 3.!

Watch Lawrence react with genuine shock and definitely a bit of anger. Can you blame her?!?

This moment is among the many that make us love Jennifer Lawrence.

What are the others? So glad you asked!


I used to love Homeland too, but their writers got crazy in season 3 and I quit watching. Damien Lewis was one of their most outstanding actors and real mistake for the series to kill him off, probably lost viewers because of it. Probably Carrie being a mentally ill CIA agent is not realistic and the writers need to quit abusing her. She needs to put her foot down with the writers and tell them that part of their shit is not realistic or funny, and they are losing their fan base because of it.


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