Jared Padalecki Tweets Shade at Justin Bieber, Incurs Wrath of Beliebers

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Jared Padalecki has come out swinging against Justin Bieber. And he appears to be aiming for a knockout.

Following Lil Za's arrest for cocaine yesterday, the Supernatural star took to Twitter and taunted the artist with the following question:

"Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?"

Oh yes. Shade. Thrown.

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The Cute Biebs

Sources now say the substance found inside Bieber's home - via a raid brought on by Bieber likely egging his neighbor's home last week, causing thousands in damages - was likely ecstasy, not cocaine.

But that is beside Padalecki's point, of course.

Justin was not "connected" to the drug stash, authorities say, but the actor is making it clear just who he believes the white powder actually belongs to.

As you might expect, Beliebers did not take kindly to Padalecki's Tweet.

Many are now saying they will not watch Supernatural online and are trying to get as many folks as possible to boycott Jared's long-running CW series.

Where do you stand on this burgeoning feud? What do you think of Padalecki's message?


LOVE Supernatural.,, bieber LOSER,


Carry on my wayward son. Enough said.

@ gemma

There will be peace when you're done.


Justin Bieber needs a nice, long, seminar about him not being the center of the universe.
BTW, I'm SO SICK of people allowing drugs and other unruly behavior just because "He's young", or "He's growing up", or "Didn't you do some stupid shit when you were young?". All the more reason to enact the punishment! Nobody's gonna learn shit if all you do is give a slap on his wrist and tell him to stop, well, other than being famous will somehow excuse you from jail. Jeeze. He's going to die at this rate. Honestly.


You know what I say... BRING IT ON!
they will never be able to beat Supernatural,
It will be the last mistake Bieber does :)


I'm sorry, but every fandom ever is backing Jared and his tweet. Jared is right. Bieber is wrong. Basically all of tumblr is out for blood because people are hating on Jared. Too bad for them, but he's entitled to his opinion, and I'm pretty sure that the good looking guy with the great life, successful tv show and beautiful family is a better role model than a has-been who insists on causing scandals and getting tattoos to put his name into the papers. BELIEBERS, YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST THE SUPERNATURAL FAMILY

@ Ruby Winchester

I agree compleatly, in this note when they attack we shall do as the brother's always have. Find the bones salt and burn them hopefully they will learn their place.


Bitch please, these children don't stand a chance against SPN Family


THis is totaly out of line. Jared should say those things i will not respect him as a person. BUT I WILL RESPECT MY LOVE JB FOR HANGING OUT WITH DRUG ADDICTS HAHAHAHAHAHA


Stupid Bieber fans. Really? Are you just ignoring the fact that he's an idiot and a huge jerk? That's the true definition of ignorance. Wowwwww. And good for you, Jared. Plus, those Beliebers won't get too far. Supernatural is too awesome a show, and probably half the Beliebers are Supernatural fans, too. No one's giving up an amazing show like that just for a little prick. And if they do, they're probably like 13 years old. This is America people. Right of speech, and not every freakin celebrity is on board with the BS that goes with being famous, including Beaverfever.


I'm with Jared here! The Beliebers can get over it... We all know that Justin Beiber is going downhill... Calling fans "beached whale." Spitting on them off of hotel balconies. Going wherever he wants and doing stupid stuff. Like peeing in a kitchen. And we all know he's doing drugs. It's all ridiculous... All his actions say something's /wrong/ with the kid- probably something to do with him being young, rich, and famous. He probably thinks he's invincible with that combination. Sure, I'm not a fan of his music... But with the things he does, I don't even have a little respect for him anymore. When he first came around, I didn't listen to his music and it annoyed me... But I respected the fact that he had made it big- that was great. Now, this... It's like... Nope. Just get over yourself, Beliebers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and while you have the right to yours as much as Jared has the right to his... There's no reason to send hate to Jared- hate is NEVER ok.


Bielibers are once again taking things too far. And it's idiotic of them to think they can bring down an entire show that they didn't watch anyway. Jared has the entire fandom supporting him, and we will back him up no matter what.

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