Golden Globes Fashion: Best & Worst Dressed

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Breaking Bad and American Hustle won multiple Golden Globes last night.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler left us howling with their monologue.

And Jacqueline Bisset just left us very, very, very, very, very confused.

But, come on, let's be serious. The most important take away from any awards ceremony is the fashion. Who looked best on the red carpet? Who should fire his or her stylist?

Scroll through a number of photos below and then sound off with the most awe-inspiring and most cringe-worthy outfits:

  • Jennifer Lawrence at 201 Golden Globes
  • Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves at Golden Globes
  • Emma Watson at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Reese Witherspoon at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Olivia Wilde at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Sofia Vergara at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Mila Kunis at 2104 Golden Globes
  • 2014 Golden Globes Hosts
  • Michael J. Fox at the Golden Globes
  • Jessica Chastain at the 2014 Golden Globes
  • Sandra Bullock at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Amy Adams at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Mike Tyson at the Golden Globes
  • Amber Heard at the Golden Globes
  • Leonardo DiCaprio at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Taylor Swift at the 2014 Golden Globes
  • Julia Roberts at 2014 Golden Globes
  • Hayden Panettiere at 2014 Golden Globes
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Zoe Saldana - Unique dress, stunning!
Melissa McCarthy, great dress!
Did not like Lena's dress or Patton's.


Jacqueline Bissett is an incredible actress, obviously she did not expect to win, had to walk a mile to the stage and was not prepared with a speech.
She still looks so beautiful even though her hair needed to be neater.
The audience really should have shown more respect and support, it might have made her more comfortable.
Favorite dresses- Lupita, Cate Blanchett, Taylor Swift, Emma Thompson, Olivia Wilde, Camila Alves,


One question???? What was wrong with Jacqueline Bissett? Was she on drugs? She looked & acted so WEIRD...

@ Blair

It's Hollywood; it's the Golden Globes; they're all weird. And they've all been drinking. Ms. Bissett should have had her hair professionally done, and a speech prepared.


The best dressed woman of the night was Tamra Hall? From the today show....she was gorgeous and out shone all the actresses.....I didn't see one actress that looked anywhere as radiant and beautiful.

@ critic

Agree, all-around stunning woman!


money is an important fact but 'Taste' is even more important.

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