Garth Callaghan, Dad Battling Cancer, Stockpiling 826 "Napkin Notes" For Daughter

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Garth Callaghan, a father diagnosed with cancer three times, is planning for the future when it comes to offering advice he may not always be able to deliver in person.

Ever since his daughter Emma was a little girl, her father would leave notes for her in her lunchbox. What started as a sweet memento became their tradition.

Now, with a slim chance of surviving the next five years, Callaghan, 44, wants to make sure that if tragedy strikes, she has one for every day of high school.

On a mission to "Pack. Write. Connect," Garth is writing 826 notes on napkins, quoting the Bible, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and even Yoda.

They're great. See some of his best selections in the gallery below ...

Callaghan catalogs the notes on the blog Because I Said I Would, as well as on a Facebook page, Twitter handle and his website, NapkinNotesDad (dot) com.

Some of the most touching notes come from him personally.

"Dear Emma," he wrote on one of the most moving Napkin Notes, "Sometimes when I need a miracle I look into your eyes and realize I've already created one."

My goodness, did it just get dusty in here.


Garth Callaghan
Seu Amor pela sua filha Emma é 100% da sua cura!!!
-Sinto Muito
-Me Perdoe
-Te Amo
-Sou Grata "Você é Filho de deus...Perfeito e Saudável... Repita várias vezes ao dia: "A VIDA DE DEUS FLUI INCESSANTEMENTE PARA O MEU INTERIOR E MANTÉM SAUDÁVEIS TODAS AS CÉLULAS DO MEU CORPO..." Muito Obrigado!!! Com carinho,


I don't know if I would do this. If I knew I was dying I think I would treat my children horribly so they would be glad once I was gone. This poor little girl is going to devastated when such a wonderful father passes on. And yes, I'm joking but the thought did occur to me.

Melisa singh

I was so inspired by the Napkin Notes dad and his mission to leave his daughter with advice from him long after his (anticipated) passing. I spoke to Kerri from StoryShelter and she agreed it was worthy of writing a piece on. Because sometimes we forget to show love to the ones we care about the most! 6 Ways to Show Your Kids You Care -

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