Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Sex Scenes to Be Watered Down For Younger Audience?

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The Fifty Shades of Grey movie has the potential to be one of the most graphic, mainstream movies in decades ... but will the final product reflect that?

While Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have been hard at work filming steamy scenes, it appears that audiences might not get to see much of them.

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Reports are surfacing from the Canadian set that Universal wants desperately to lure a younger audience into the theaters to boost its box office profits.

Dornan has expressed his willingness - even hopes - that a Fifty Shades of Grey NC-17 edition be filmed and released. Execs may not agree, however.

Even if it was scaled back to an R rating, that would severely restrict the audience that could be allowed into see the film adaption of E.L. James' novel.

When you consider that ... speculation is that it may be all or nothing.

There is even talk of a PG-13 rated Fifty Shades of Grey that pushes the boundaries on that level, yet alludes to or discusses may or the sex scene.

In other words, very few visuals of Christian Grey ransacking Ana.

From a business standpoint, this could be part of a multifaceted approach in which a hardcore “director’s cut” of the film could arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray.

At the end of the day, studios are in business to make profits, and Hollywood could easily follow the money to where the younger audiences lead it.

The question is whether it would alienate many fans as a result.

Some things are sexier if they are teased, alluded to, or implied, rather than thrown in your face. Fifty Shades of Grey is probably not one of those things.

The readers of the book likely want to watch Christian passionately screw Ana Steele's brains out. Maybe not everyone cares, but a lot of people do.

Where do you stand? Tell us with your comments and votes below:

Would you see a watered-down, tamer Fifty Shades of Grey?


I am Very exited for this upcoming movie.


If they made the movie for a younger audience, the movie would last about five minutes.


Twilight and Huger games were books written FOR young audiences, Fifty shades was written as an erotic novel for MATURE audiences. Why in the world would the "execs" change the movie that much? I wouldn't give my child that book to read and I sure as hell wouldn't want to watch the movie with my (or anyone else's child) sitting next to me. I'm sure that the women who loved the book will keep the box offices plenty full when the movie is released. However, changing the book's entire story line to suit under 18 audiences for the movie, might hurt the movie success at the box offices. I'm for one not spending a dime on the movie if they cut the sex scenes. Won't be worth my time or money.
If Showgirls can gross 20 million at the box offices (with an NC-17 rating) in 1995, I'm quite certain Fifty shades can surpass that ten fold. Women LOVE the book, cater to that audience and disappointment will not be an issue, cater to the under 18 crowd, and I think it will be a flop for the "execs"


Never really understood the whole thing about women who fantasise about being 'taken' or used and abused who then complain about rape in real life. Call me weird, but I only fantasise about things I'd actually enjoy!


This is an EROTICA story, an erotic romance novel it is NOT for a younger audience its for adults. If they couldn't stay true to the content they shouldn't have even made a film! A network like STARZ, Showtime, Cinemax or HBO wouldn't have had to tame or cut scenes and they'd know how to really produce and cast and make this film unlike this current film team. They've already ruined it with the cast, they're just butchering it so much. I refuse to see it in theaters.


people aren't aware of the 'Phone'-situation these day's.
.............HOW NAIVE AGAIN!!


How pathetic!!! Why would you want to introduce that sort of life to young naive teenage girls? Because of greed that's why!!! It's all about the $$$. I think nearly all of the fifty shades book fans would be utterly disappointed with a pg rated movie. Let's be honest we all want to see everything that is in the book and bdsm is the main part of book 1


okay so i love these books if u think about pg 13 this movie u can forget the book lovers seeing it I wanna see evey piece of that book on screen grey and steele n all there wonder.

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