Dennis Rodman FLIPS OUT at CNN Over North Korea Questions

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Dennis Rodman went positively ballistic today during an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

While surrounded with several former NBA players, Rodman defended his trips to North Korea as a "great idea for the world."

But should the group, who is due to play in a basketball game tomorrow in honor of Kim Jong Un's 31st birthday, really be in Pyongyang? Is this a good idea, considering North Korea's human rights record?

Cuomo also asked Rodman a serious question about Kenneth Bae, an American citizen who was arrested in November 2012, convicted last spring by North Korea of unexplained "hostile acts" and sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp… only for Rodman to FLIP OUT.

He sounds like Hulk Hogan giving a wrestling promo in the following video. You must watch it now:

Then again... really, CNN?!? Why are you giving this man any kind of political platform?


CNN is a bunch of assholes. They are endangering Rodman and the other players by asking them questions like that while they are in N. Korea. Hopefully, the Chinese report about Kim Jong Un throwing his Uncle and others to be ripped apart by mad dogs was a lie and not true. But if it is true, then he is a very dangerous and not stable man, and if he threw his Uncle to the dogs then Rodman and friends could be next. They are possibly dealing with a very unstable person. Actually we dont know if Rodman knows what he is doing or getting himself into, or whether he is equipped to handle dealing with a possible madman. If he is a peace negotiator, that would be good though, but how do you deal peace with a crazy person?

@ James Murdok Johnsonz Sun

I would love to hear Rodman's response to your concern for his safety. The man is clearly as insane as ole Kim, and I love his little entourage of lap dogs.... HAHAHAHA

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