Dance Moms Star Arrested for Attacking Abby Lee Miller

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An episode of Dance Moms turned unusually violent in November, sources now confirm to TMZ.

While star Abby Lee Miller was searching for new talent in New York, the mother of a young girl who was getting overlooked allegedly flipped out on the dance teacher.

Kelly Hyland supposedly screamed at Miller when she brought a fresh pupil to the studio, grabbing Miller by the hair before a full-on brawl erupted.

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Hyland was booked for assault and harassment, though no charges have been filed yet.

Cameras were rolling the whole time, of course. So if you watch Dance Moms online, perhaps you'll see this incident at some point in the future.

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I for one love the show.But if Abby ever treated my daughter like she that she wouldn't have to loose all that fat. I would serve her EX LAX cookies and she would be on her throne someplace else.Most of the girls cant dance anyway.That little MIA is on of the best, and gets treated really bad.I watch it because I love all the fighting.My favorite mom is Christy She is always making faces and calling every one a liar.Its funny What happento Abbys boy toy or did he take off running?


Abby was trying to bite her. I would have slapped her too. Disgusting show.


I agree that Abby is a bully and shame on the moms that allow their children to be degraded like that week after week. Surely there are better teachers out there. It seems the mother's want their moment on tv rather than do right by their children. Shame on the Producer for airing this kind of behavior and shame on me for watching it this long. No longer will I watch a show on Lifetime.

@ FW

Abby you disgust me, besides the fact I can't stand the look of you I am so sick of you bullying your students and the mothers! Shame on you! You are a disgrace and should be kicked off tv.


Abby is a bully. She always puts the kids down before they go on stage. A good dance teacher would correct them in the studio not before they go on stage. Also, a GOOD teacher wouldn't show favoritism in front of the other kids. Mattie is an excellent dancer but as she ages I don't see her with a dancers body.


Y is she just being arrested now


It's all about the money like everything. Or attention. If we don't watch it they'll all have to go home and find a real job. All the moms do is argue, backstab, complain and change clothes, drink or shop.


Moms can only be pushed so far. Its not that I condone any physicial or verbal abuse of any kind, but as a mom I"m surprised that the pot didnt boil over before now. I dont believe any charges should be held against Hyland, but restrictions should be placed on the show, and a full investigation of the ( Child Abuse Law, Protecting childrens working enviroment). If Chloe,Paige, or Brooke is taken off this show. I will and many of my friends with daughter who love Dance Moms, will never watch this show again. One advise to moms, be proud and back off, and dont fight in front of your kids, or u r just as guilty as Abby.


These reality shows are insane, people talk about "child abuse", well this show takes the cake along with toddlers and tiaras etc. Idiots like Abby and the moms are yelling and pushing these kids (in some cases to tears) on air for the world to see. Its got to be damaging their self esteem and I'd bet will negatively impact them for the rest of their lives. TLC should get these shows off the air but they won't because we are willing to turn them on and watch. It's truly disgraceful.


I think that Abby shouldn't talk to the kids that way. But it seems to that the moms could take their kids out of that school. But then they won't make any money. They are more worried about themselves then their kids. I say they get what they deserve.


she honestly has no right to put her hands on Abby though. I understand being frustrated, but if she frustrates you that much leave the studio instead of setting a bad example for your kids of them watching you physically attack another adult (also their dance teacher) great lesson there! Abby does what she is supposed to do as a Dance teacher training students at THAT level... some of the Mom's are ridic to me though but probably can't leave the show due to contractual obligations...

@ FanofDancemoms

Kelly has actually been trying to leave for years. Unfortunately, they are contractually obligated by Lifetime to appear on the show, and if any of them left, they face a potential lawsuit.