Cosmo Labels Bikini Model "Plus-Size," Facebook Explodes

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Cosmopolitan Magazine has gone and made it official.

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    Being a 'plus-sized' model isn't the same as calling her fat, disgusting or any bad word. Being plus-sized is not something to be ashamed of - this model is obviously gorgeous anyway! But she is a plus-sized model. She's modelling plus-sized clothing which would therefore make her a plus-sized model. I wish people would stop viewing the word 'plus-sized' as an insult when it is so clearly not.


    I think the only problem with Cosmo making her a "plus size model" is them feeling the need to use the word "plus sized"! If they really want to prove that they are moving in a better direction to promote heathy women they should just say here's a new model!!!! show how beautiful women with curves are! and she IS a far cry from the coat hanger models they use in the adds in that magazine! Have a spread called "healthy women" not "plus sized". for some reason that title has a negative stigma though i have no idea why. To me its far better then large or thick!!!!! people stop finding reason to bitch!


    What is also disturbing is the backlash that this is causing. Women can be beautiful no matter how curvy or thin they are, and while the labeling of this girl as "plus sized" is absurd, it is also absurd that comments are saying "men don't like those skeleton girls" and things like that. Why do you need to insult other women? Isn't the point of this controversy that women are beautiful no matter what size, but society has warped our perceptions of female beauty? It is no reason to bash other women. Nobody is immune to body image issues, no matter how big or how small. What we need to realize is that everybody has different bodies, and everybody has different tastes. And we should not let the media dictate what is beautiful. And we shouldn't let it turn us into hateful mean women. No matter skinny or curvy, we are all worth more than this.


    I'm a size 1 and can fit into a zero as well. And she looks smaller than I do. I am so sorry but this is not a plus sized model. Jack you can call me an idiot as well. But the true plus sized models can be seen on lane bryant and not on cosmo. This makes me feel bad, when I stand up my gut kinda hangs, her stomach is flat. The only reason they even consider her plus sized is because she has boobs and obviously hips. Every woman should have curves that does not make anyone overweight. This is disturbing...

    @ Nancy

    The reason they call her plus-sized is she's 6'2" and 175 pounds - both taller and heavier than the average.
    You obviously can't judge how big someone is by a photo.
    People need to learn what "plus sized" means before they get outraged.


    Plus Size is just a label. It does not mean obese. Because she wears a size 14 she is considered plus size.


    Lmao! I just looked her up and guess what you freaking idiots!!!!! SHE IS SIX FOOT 2!!!!!!
    Another perfect example of how probably 90% of our society are extremely dumb. Soooooooo sad. Think and analyze before you open your mouths!!!!!

    @ Jack

    Hey Jack(ass), we all know you are such a LOSER so get lost with your stupid comments.

    @ Jack

    Biggest Idiot !

    @ Jack

    You are stupid. Know what your talking about before you start calling everyone idiots! Your the idiots... Dumb retard. You must be the one over 200 lbs. that's why your taking this to heart... When everyone else is saying nice things about this girl. Go on...


    I can't believe how many STUPID IDIOTS exist in our world. Just because someone is PLUS sized it doesn't mean she's FAT!! I don't know anything about this woman but I bet if you stand her next to a standard sized 5' 11' man she would tower over him in both height and size. People are sooooooo freaking stupid! Lmao!


    This woman is definitely not plus-size. She is a beautiful knock-out, with a perfect body. Whoever said that she was plus size, is probably just a jeolous witch, who could only dream to have her bathing suit figure.

    @ James+Murdok+Johnsonz+Sun



    Why are people still reading this sort of shit? Quit reading it, and it is obsolete.


    Some of these people are saying she could lose five pounds!!! WTF!!!! If she lost five pounds, she would look so unhealthy. What is the US coming to thinking a healthy looking girl is plus sized!!!!! SMDH!!!

    @ Sara

    Dumb idiot

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