Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Actually on the Way?!?

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We thought we had seen it all when it comes to the Kardashians and the tabloids.

Kim Kardashian is gaining baby weight on purpose! OJ Simpson is Khloe's real dad! Scott Disick is not Mason's real dad!

But mad props must now be given to The National Enquirer, for this supermarket rag has gone ahead and topped all previous headline related to Reality Television's First Family.

Remember when Bruce was going to get his Adam's Apple reduced in December? Via a procedure known as a Laryngeal Shave?

Only he decided not to at the last minute?

According to The Enquirer, photos exist that prove Bruce DID actually go through with the surgery on January 19. And for what reason?

Because he wants to be a woman.

The publication actually claims Jenner asked his physician about "having his penis removed next" as part of a planned gender reassignment that would help him leave the male world behind.

Might this explain Bruce's long hair? Why he and Kris are now separated? Why his face looks so weird?

Or might the story be total and complete BS? You know... like a few other tabloid stories about the Kardashians over the years. Consider this sampling and then vote: Should Bruce Jenner get a sex change?


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Well this bunch of women have crushed his balls anyway, so he might as well. He's been looking stranger and stranger over the years with all his surgery and if he wants to change his sex, why not....? He can always borrow their clothes....I mean SHE....


Something to go with his Michael Jackson nose perhaps?


What whole family sucks!!!


Dumbest story to come along in ages.


Omg ppl r so dumb wen it comes to the kardashian klan/Jenner leave them alone. Bruce is in no way trying to be a women. Khloes father is Robert kardashian. And Kimye is in a good and happy place with herself and her life. Just leave them alone.


what a fu family. does bruce want to join the rest of the skanks in his family. what a bunch of classless females. he looks so gross right now. very very ugly.


Bruce Jenner has life beat you down this bad. ???? You been married twice . got daughters and sons and now at the age where you should be enjoying retirement and. Good health, you want to be a what??? Man take that money and donate to somebody who. Need help to stay! Alive .! It 's,mind over matter . Get it out your head and I don't care who don't like !what I have to say. Stop it!!!!!


there went something seriously bad in his brains.............

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