Britney Spears to David Lucado: Get on Your Knees and BARK, You Little B-tch!

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Looks like Britney Spears definitely wears the pants in her relationship with David Lucado. She made that abundantly clear during her Las Vegas show.

The singer dragged her boyfriend on stage at Planet Hollywood, forced him down on hands and knees and strapped him into a harness and dog collar.

She then paraded him around on a leash like an animal. He seemed to dig the idea of being degraded by the pop princess at least, and likely isn't alone:

Part of Spears' Las Vegas "Piece of Me" show involves the star plucking an audience member out to join her on-stage for this raunchy routine.

On New Year's Eve, David Lucado was that lucky man.

It could be worse, we suppose, than being Britney's bitch ... bitch. And if nothing else, it's a distraction from some of the criticism Spears' show has faced.

While the choreography, music and set design have packed the house, rumors of Britney Spears lip syncing and even faking her abs have made headlines.

There was also that wardrobe malfunction (below).

Her latest album, Britney Jean, was met with a lukewarm reception from critics and music-buyers alike, and is by far her weakest-selling effort to date.

Girl can still crack a whip though. Right, David?

Guess all that stuff about her feeling like an old woman when it comes to sex is all relative. Check out more highlights from Brit's "Piece of Me" residency:


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Yet another tacky strip club routine.


Of course she is supporting him. Boyfriend sure as hell aint rolling in the dough. Some article said he was a lawyer and I had to laugh out loud. He definetly IS NOT. He appears to be an overgrown dork frat boy, and I havent EVEN heard of him going to college. Like get a hair transplant, buy some "grown-up" clothes, and get a decent job instead of leaching off your friends and now your pop star girlfriend. And Britney...please with this guy. Why do you always go beneath yourself?? Your gorgeous, like stunning. I cant with this ugly nerd. Timnation-he did look like a dumbf*ck up there. True that.


Imagine she is supporting him in style and he doesn't want to lose the golden apple. Plenty more where he came from, and I'm sure he knows it.


Nobody wants to see that dipsh*t she dates anymore. Get a job you bald fat POS. He truly is her b*tch. No way would I get up there and do that. Guy is completley d*ckless. Grow some balls. Sh*t aint funny bro. You look like a dumbf*ck so it's no wonder.


Sorry but nobody wants to see that anymore. Try putting more clothes on and getting some class.

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