Brandi Glanville to Be Fired From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Brandi Glanville might be too much for the Bravo show that made her famous, according to chatter from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills insiders.

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    Yes fire Brandi
    To look inside the lives of the rich and famous "housewives" is rare for folks like me to see. The private parties, luncheons, homes, private conversations with friends etc etc. is only possible because of television for most of us. A drunken woman with a foul mouth, lies all the time, that comes with a string attached can be viewed on some large cities street corners, no thanks I don't want to waste an hour of my time to watch a person like that!!!! I'll keep my viewing pleasures classy by watching Lisa, and FF pass the counterfeit BH housewife.


    Klye must go. And yolanda. Fake as can be give the others another year


    Here's an idea - create a spinoff just for Brandi and Carlton and see how the ratings do. I can't stand either one of them. I always feel like I need a shower after watching them (and no, I'm not a prude, I just think they are both really skanky). I loved the original version of RHOBH - I love Lisa, Kyle, Kim, and even Joyce would be a fabulous cast member if they would add some meat to her story line. I really can't stand all the contrived fighting - I would much rather see them deal with real issues. This is primarily an issue with the producers... maybe THEY need to be replaced.


    I love Brandi and Yolanda and really enjoying Carlton.. So sick of Kyle .. What a fake person.. Kim I can take but let's Kyle take her over. Kim needs to be free of show and free of Kyle. Lisa I enjoy but she does know how to play the game. Brandi, Yolanda and Carlton come across as most honest.. As for the hair flipping Joyce..nothing good to say about her.


    I love both Brandi & Carlton. Brandi is a but much this season but she still makes a good show. Carlton is hands down my absolute favorite housewife ever! Maybe ppl should quit watching the show if they don't like it since all of u & your "morals" have your noses too high up in the air anyways


    Oh thank you brandi ruins show and Carlton is the worst. My mom recently passed away and I watch program for a laugh it helps to see the silly of it all. Love Kyle and Kim this year. Yolonda is smart lady and of course Lisa and like Joyce. It is a sad day in the world when mean , ugly people like Carlton and brandi behave so inhumanly and your show becomes junky when you have people like that part of cast. There are so many real problems and suffering in today's world that why make more. I truly hope the producers don't have brandi and especially the awful Carlton on next year. I hope they turn their lives around but they aren't right in the head and very selfish with ugly attitudes and words. Please know most people are good and don't want to see there crap it's hurtful and mean and depressing please let in the light and joy of people like kim


    I agree that Brandi needs to go, she is so mean to Joyce, and then acts the victim. She is crazy and a drunk! And Carlton, omg who hired her??
    A witch?? What the he--!! Is that what Bravo thinks we need to see as a "real housewife/ mom"? "Oh girls you can't stay for the pool party, cause mommy is going to be a bitch and embarrass you and you won't watch it on tv or hear about her from your friends! Really?


    Absolutely brandi and carlton have got to go. I have kids that watch the show. They see how calton gets all these women for herself and her husband.. shes blatant.

    @ sharon+coffman

    Hears an answer to your problem... Don't let your kids watch grown up reality tv! Carlton is my favorite ppl should stop being such prudes!

    @ Guest

    I am far from a prude. Carlton is a sick minded perv that does not know how to conduct herself like a human being. She represents Wicca terribly and no amount of her English accent can make anything she says have any intelligence to it.


    Brandi go to stop blaming that damn dog being missing on your pathetic ass problems..


    Brandi is a rude miserable an racist bitch an just becsuse u screw a black man doesnt mean ur not a racist..soon as u get angry with ur "boyfriend u can't wait to call them the N word. JOYCE GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR BLACK SIDE AND BEAT THAT ASS REAL LADYLIKE..

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