Blogger Responds to Controversial Parenting Photo, Wishes It Weren't a Big Deal

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Doyin Richards really doesn't understand all the fuss.

A blogger for the site Daddy Doin' Work, Richards offered to give his busy wife some help recently: she was running late for work, but the couple's young daughter needed her hair done.

So Richards volunteered and, just to prove to his wife that he could actually pull it off, posted a photo of himself acting as a stylist while also holding the pair's baby against his chest.

He put the picture online and didn't think much of it... until it was Shared and Liked thousands of times across Facebook.

In a post detailed two extreme types of reactions, Richards writes that some folks were positively amazed that a father was taking care of his children...

... while others took a far more negative and racist approach.

I would bet anything that you're a deadbeat, read one comment on the photo.

Another read: OK buddy, cute picture. Now why don't you hand the children back to their mom so you can go back to selling drugs or your bootleg rap CDs?"

And yet another: Your MOM is black and you dishonored her by marrying outside of your race? You probably can't handle a strong black woman.

Saying he had to stop and be sure it was 2013 and not 1913, Richards was clearly taken aback by those reactions.

Doyin Richards, Kids

But here's the thing: he was also take aback by the opposite reaction, by those heaping praise upon him simply for acting like a parent.

Until we can get to the point where men and women can complete the same parenting tasks and the reactions are the same, we will have problems," Richards writes. "If you want to create a statue for me for taking care of my daughters, create one for the moms who are doing the same damn thing everyday for their kids without receiving a "Thank you" or an "Ooooh" or "Ahhhh."

"These behaviors should be expected of moms and dads. No exceptions."

Pretty cool take, huh? Doyin, of course, isn't alone in being an awesome dad. Did you catch this father's hilarious response to his baby's daycare questionnaire?


Hey everybody quit being ass holes becauae that guy is helping out alright so quit beinga h8rs


Omg,leave him alone,geesh. What a great family man!

Sophia milor

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Shame on all of you with the negative comments!!!!! He's being a helping dad and there should be no negativity about it. I am sure he helps out by how relaxed the kids are...get a grip and give him credit!


There is nothing to 'OOOOOOOOOOO' or 'Ahhhhhhhhhh' about. He's a parent, just like the childrens' Mother. There is nothing written that says a Daddy can't get kids ready for school or whatever. Parenting is a 50/50 responsibility...good grief people....wake up and get a life!! Thanks for the photo!

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