American Idol Season Premiere: Harry Connick Jr. FTW!

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American Idol is a singing show that comes down to its contestants.

That's what we're told year after year by producers, but we came away from last night's Season 13 premiere with one thoughts:


The new judge was harsh and honest when he needed to be. But also a total jokester throughout, most notable when he cradled Munfarid Zaidi in his arms (below) during the hopeful's audition.

Ah yes, there were plenty of auditions.

Some boring, others terrible yet entertaining. But who stood out among the opening crop of contestants over two hours?

Here's a rundown of our favorite five, in no particular order. Could the next American Idol be among them?!?

  • Muhfarid Zandi - Forget that he performed in Harry's arms for a minute and focus on his voice. Pretty darn good, right?
  • Kaitlyn Jackson - Sang an original song titled “Another Angel," which was based on a personal, up-close brush with death. “She’s smart!” said Harry. “It’ll be fun watching her week to week.” Agreed.
  • Jillian Jensen - Appeared on Season 2 of The X Factor. Displayed terrific vocal control here, clearly having gained confidence from her previous reality show appearance.
  • Sam Woolf - The 17-year old lives with his grandparents and sang "Lego House." And we all know how much Idol viewers love white guys with guitars...
  • Malcolm Allen - What a great cover of Stevie Wonder's “Superstition," not an easy track to sing. He even tossed some air guitar. A great job all around.

What did you think of the season 13 opener? Who was your favorite contestant? Is there hope for this group of judges/

Go watch American Idol online to relive the two hours and grade the new panel below:



There is only one good singer this year, the rocker, the others lack singing talent, stage presents and are just plain boring. I was so excited to see Ryan Nisbett sing, as he had what it takes in every way. But for some very strange reason he and a few others who could sing disappeared without reason. This season reminds me of the lack of talent two years ago. I won't be watching this season.


Sorry, but I say that "American Idol" is boring and will never be as good as it was when Simon, Paula, and Randy were on it for the first 8 seasons. I love those three judges the most on the show.


I think A.I. got it right by adding Harry to the panel of judges. It's also obvious (to me) that he had an influence over Keith and J-Lo too because they both seemed to critique the contestants much better in more of a professional way. Thumbs up so far! I am looking forward to this season - for the first time in several years.


so this absolutely can't be it.

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