8 Best Kanye West Rants: He Said WHAT?!?

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Kanye West is rarely one to withhold an opinion.

For example, he couldn't withhold his take yesterday that an 18-year old racist loudmouth deserved to be punched... so Kanye went right ahead and punched him.

On the verbal side, meanwhile, Kanye has used many radio interview and concert appearances over the past few months to rant about corporations, racism, slavery and a lot more.

So with West's temper once again flaring this week, it seemed like an ideal time to relive his 8 Best Rants.



Publicity stunt.The N word of course should never be used by any race but it is used all the time. I am wondering was this young man white,black,hispanic,etc.hmm It really does not matter what nationality this young man is, the fact that Kanye attacked this kid before getting all the FACTS on his own ok. It is so funny how Kim informs kanye about this 18 yr old kid,(who was helping her at the time, then she turns on him correcting to not use the N word). Now because he calls her out. right, and how old is Kim/Kanye. Everyone think out of the box this is so old news ok. Kim not taking into consideration of kanye's west serious court situation how stupid on her part. Tell me when did Kim start allowing other regular people to handle the paps for her. (Remember Kim just made a statement in all the media and tabloids "Don't Eff with Me"),so now maybe karma is coming her way.hmmm People will call you out if you put yourself out there like that right. It was all for publicity kim calls kanye, kim waits for kanye to appear they enter the office together kanye attacks this kid and kim screams.(1) It all sounds like a repeat of the faked incident when a video was posted online kris jenner running in her back yardnbarefoot trying to catch the man who jumped the fence to their Calabassa homefront with kim screaming on the video we have an intruder, but no one was caught. (2) It sounds like the fake incident with the white powder was dumped on top of kims head while on the red carpet and some random girl threw white flour on her in front of the camera's. Kim want so bad to be this person whose Life is being threaten the games kim/kardashian play one day it might just happen when they least expect. Kim must remember all the lies that is shed "You play with Fire, you will eventually get BURNED". Remember it is only an opinion. Everyone have a bless and wonderful day and much L.O.V.E.


Throw his butt in jail! That's where one of us would still be. When you are in your mid 30's & call your boyfriend to come beat up an 18yr old kid & record the assault... something is terribly wrong with you mentally or your Kim & need to be in the spotlight! What a pathetic excuse for a woman!


he still thinks people take him seriously, hahahahahahahahaha!!


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