7 Best GIFs from the Golden Globes: Hot Dogs, Martinis and More!

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The 2014 Golden Globes have come and gone.

But some moments from the ceremony will remain with us forever, such as Emma Thompson drunkenly throwing her shoes on stage and handing over her martini to a bystander for a few moments.

Or Bono kissing Amy Poehler. Or Bono NOT wanting to kiss Diddy.

And then there's a photobombing Jennifer Lawrence, who had her stalking sights set on Taylor Swift before the show even started. Great stuff all around.

Click through some of the best moments now, GIF style!


You forgot the best pictures from the Golden Globes, and it is the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper with their nice looking blonde headed moms who they took instead of dates. What gentlemen and great actors.


well, I couldn't make that's why Bono was there, folks.
...............sorry for that.