6 Most Memorable Golden Globe Moments: Bono FTW!

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And now, like a supermodel's vagina, let's all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Oh, yes, Tina Fey went there at the 2014 Golden Globes last night.

Thanks to this former 30 Rock star and Amy Poehler, it was a rather hilarious night all around, one that proved it's always good to Break Bad and to wear wigs while pulling a hustle on New Jersey politicians, American style.

But the ceremony was also highlighted by a drunken Emma Thompson... a photobombing Jennifer Lawrence and... Bono? Yes, a whole lot of Bono.

Relive the six most memorable moments from the Golden Globe Awards now and start looking forward already to 2015: Fey and Poehler will be hosting again!!!


Hollywood mafia. to us, the normal people, it was absolute crap. I never watched it, just the after and I was embarrassed with the announcers and the drunks. bunch of losers most of them.


All awards now are so wack. We need new names.

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I have no idea why the critics (and nobody else) think that Tina Fay and Amy BiPohler are funny. If they were in the least bit funny maybe their thursday night shows would have been watched by more then 4 million viewers each week. Whats laughable about them is their anemic ratings!


very nice pic




Hopefully this will be the last year TV airs this junk. Some of the "fashions" made me feel bad that these women did not have any friends to tell them they not only looked bad, but in fact were hideous. One was bondage submissive girl Jennifer Lawrence. Did she just pull out a sheet and some S&M ropes seconds before she left for the show?


failures are of all times.

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