17 Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names: The Worst of the Worst

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Last year, the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby captivated the celebrity news world, and not just because the two larger-than-life celebs mated.

The name the duo picked out, North West, was an all-timer.

A unanimous, first ballot Celebrity Baby Name Hall of Fame inductee, North was clearly chosen after Kimye crossed off every other possible option.

Of course, they're not the first stars who treated naming a child like some sort of "art" or just totally mailed it in because they were too busy and/or high.

Seriously, coming up with baby names this dumb takes either serious commitment or total aloofness, both of which are forever worthy of our admiration.

Who else makes the HOF along with Nori? Let's find out.

Behold, the 17 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names:

North West
North West. The spawn of Kimye being named after a direction may be the dumbest thing in human history. At the same time, if she doesn't grow up to have a signature fragrance called North by North West, this is not a planet we wanna be living on.

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can't imagine moi baby go by those weird names


can't jex imagine moisef naming moi kid blue ivy,woods,rice n so on mehn its shit. lyk serzly


2 4 5 14 17 aren't that bad. If you aren't spiritual, a couple of the names you won't understand.


really funny. Blue ivy is not a bad name i think it's kul


They should name their second child South, then they'll have two directions "North West" and "South West" lol


I thought north was a boy


Your forgot the top WORST one Blue Ivy!! Smh.


Naming your daughter Maxwell isnt bad. I knew a girl names Max. And if you ask me, Apple should've been at the top of the list, not North. Should've been more like "Apple, Bear, Denim," Then the rest of the list.


A-nus West?