11 Truly Awful Celebrity Mothers: Who's the Worst?

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By now, you must have seen the clip:

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    Kate Gosselin is a bad mother? Really? Her children seem to be doing very well. Sure, she is a control freak and personality wise, can be a bit overbearing. Does that make her a bad mom? Hardly! I cannot believe Nadia Suleman did not win worst mom of the year award hands down. She has 14 children, while collecting disability for a back injury. Her parents went bankrupt and lost their home trying to help Nadia financially. Nadia would be homeless but for the help of charitable people. The only work Nadia has done is personal appearance and a soft porn film. O yeah. She is collection welfare for all the kids.


    Kate Gosselin is not a bad mother she just had a weak husband! She did what she could to insure her children's future. She is not a welfare mother and if other people hadn't come between them they would have been Ok. John was just to dumb to know what worked for them. Leave her alone and admire her for he accomplishments. You go girl!


    These moms (2-3 of whom I've never heard) have nothing on the bad mothers of Hollywood's past. Look up Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, and Betty Grable. And lets not forget the fathers Henry Fonda's son titled his memoir "Don't Tell Dad", and Bing Crosby was worse than Joan.


    iam going to say evens is because her mom gave her time with her son an she was on her phone the whole time





    I don't think Kim should be on this list because she's a new mom and. As for her sister kourtney she's not a bad mother


    Why isn't Courtney Love in the running


    Why is Kourtney Kardashian on this list ??? Dont ya watch the show She is the best mother ever ..take her out of this list noww !!!


    I agree with all but kourtney and Gwen , they seem like they really care about their kids. And Kim's past has nothing to do with her parenting. Choosing to make a sex tape after your child is born (Farrah) is another story.


    I love this web site but Im sorry this is wrong! These mothers may seem 'bad' to you in public but you don't know how they are with their children behind closed doors! How is it fair to label these ladies bad mothers when you don't even know them?? Kim for example, she has been a mother for less than a year, to say she is a bad mother is so completely unfair! Being a new mum is hard enough without pointless 'article' sayng she is doing a bad job at it. Gwyneth, she seems stuck up?? SO? How does that qualify as a bad mother??

    @ ange

    Janelle became a heroin addict and abandoned her son with her mom so she could do drugs and have sex with guys she loves more than her child..that doesn't qualify for being a bad mother??

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