Watch Revenge Online: Season 3 Episode 9

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 9 marked the show's return from a three-week hiatus, and set up what is sure to be a memorable winter finale next Sunday.

"Surrender" reminded us that Emily's revengenda is about to come to fruition, as long as she, Aiden, and Nolan can keep the master plan from unraveling.

Lydia's return did not make that task easier. Her rising from the "dead" with her own desire for payback as a focal point of Revenge Season 3 Episode 9.

As the wedding of the century between Emily and Daniel fast approaches, can Ems keep all the pieces in place as Victoria gets more and more desperate?

What's Lydia's endgame? How will Daniel's relationship with Sara play into it, and what major surprise did Aiden have in store at the end of last night?

Watch the episode from start to finish below!

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