Watch Almost Human Online: Season 1 Episode 5

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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5 was another solid installment full of clones, holograms and insight into what the machines look like under their uniforms.

We also saw Kennex and Stahl grow closer as AH continued to combine procedural crime drama elements with science fiction, fantasy and romance.

There are also comedic elements, namely from Dorian, who flipped over a large motor vehicle with seemingly no emotion whatsoever in a fun sight gag.

What else went down on the latest episode of this Fox series?

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Kennex & Stahl are not believable. No chemistry, and Stahl is a blight on an otherwise engaging cast of characters. Even the brief recording by the ex-gf had more chemistry and depth. With every hairflip by Minka, I marvel at the casting decision. She's not selling her character at all.

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