Tracy Waters Sets Fire to Husband's Truck After Getting Crotchless Panties For Christmas

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Tracy Waters, a 34-year-old Ohio woman, was arrested after she received some terrible Christmas gifts from her husband Dave and set fire to his truck.

What did she get, exactly, that was so bad?

“He gave me a slow-cooker and these red nylon crotchless panties with a push-up bra,” Waters told police. “The bra had tassels for f--k sake. Tassels.”

'Tis the season.

Tracy Waters Mug Shot

Police charged Tracy Waters with arson, assault with a weapon (a 4-gallon ceramic crock pot with corn-on-the-cob pattern) and swearing in public.

This may even top the South Carolina woman arrested for assault with a deadly squirrel after her man failed to bring home beer Christmas morning.

It's also the second arrest this month we've reported on that involved swearing in public, with THG mug shot queen Jenelle Evans being the first.

As for Waters' husband? He was taken aback by her holiday reaction.

He tells the Dayton Daily News he was excited about the gifts he got for his wife and doesn’t understand why she became angry and turned violent.

“Good food, good lovin’ and a good truck were all I wanted for Christmas,” said the 37-year-old warehouse worker, now sporting a swollen shut right eye.

“Now the truck’s gone, the wife’s gone, and she even broke the crock pot.”

That trifecta is a bummer, especially on Christmas, we know. Nothing says "f--k me and feed me" quite like a crock pot ... maybe Tracy's allergic to corn?

We may never know, but in any case, police encountered quite a sight.

Officials responded to a call from a duplex in the Ohio city after concerned neighbors reported that there was a vehicle on fire, and that's not even all.

In a scene that sounds straight out of an episode of Cops, Waters was observed throwing armfuls of what looked like men’s clothing onto the flames.

No word on whether she threw the bra and its tassels into the inferno.


"f--k me and feed me" That line right there pretty much sums up exactly what is wrong with this gift. Unless you know your significant other is extremely into those things DON'T buy them as gifts!


The best reactions of a dumb clueless wife being treated dirty was Jennifer Lawrence's role as Christian Bales wife in new movie American Hustle. She was so funny, and got his ass back so good for being a cheating ass.


They say its the thought that counts...


she's absolutely right.
he must give those presents to prostitutes. BUT NOT YOUR OWN, YOU G*DDAMN IDIOT!!

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