Toddler Undergoes Surgery To Remove Dandelion Growing In Her Ear

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Remember how your mom used to say "never stick anything in your ear that's smaller than your elbow" and you would try, and fail, to get your elbow up to your ear? Probably fail? Because unless you're a freak of nature how do you get your elbow to your ear?

(I totally just tried it just now. You're welcome.)

There's good reason for your mother's warnings. 

Doctors in China recently performed surgery on a toddler, Ranran, after it was discovered that a dandelion was growing in her ear. 

Ranran's parents took the young girl to the doctor when they noticed she was complaining of her ear itching. The same ear into which they say a dandelion seed fell four months prior.

Four months. A dandelion was growing in her ear for FOUR MONTHS.

The dandelion removal went pretty quickly and stunned the doctors who performed the surgery. The dandelion was about 2 cm and fully formed.

They believe it was able to grow inside the toddler's head because of the warmth and humidity of the ear canal.

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