Tila Tequila Rants About Jews, Nazis, The Illuminati and More

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Earlier this week, Tila Tequila donned a Nazi uniform and defended Hitler as a misunderstood artist who was just seeking some love.

Now, in an epic rant that would make Kanye West jealous, the deranged Z-lister has a message to Jews who were offended by those words:

Take a chill pill!

Tequila blames Jews for "refusing to forgive and forget" in the following video, while also saying her Nazi garb was "satire" and the Illuminati are out there and she's been alive for thousands of years and there's a "fourth dimension" and the New World Order Zionists have attacked her.

It's confusing. It's funny. But it's really very, very sad. Watch now:

Tequila also believes Paul Walker was murdered.


You have to be a conspiracy thinking nut job to listen to crap like that. Illuminates has a lot of celebrities flashing retarded illuminate hand signals so I would not say there's nothing there. But... I think it more wanta posers in music industry than anything. I never knew grow people like rihanna and Jay-Z could live in a silly loser fantasy world to actually promote themselves as a "god" just silly bipolar losers


Actually Tila Tequila's rants are very interesting, especially about the Illuminati. If she really knows who was suppose to have killed Roger Rodas and Paul Walker, then she should tell the FBI (not cops, cause because of major corruption they are too stupid to solve shit). Also we would like to see some rants about the Casey Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) heiress who was her lesbian wifey who died a few Christmas back in one of the weirdest Hollywood deaths ever at 30 years old. Maybe Tila Tequila could tell us which weird group did that one.


She's not wrong about Hitler or the satanic jews


She's doing it for attention because no one gives a fuck about her.


I know: it's hard being a thai-prostitute!!


What is she famous for again?


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