Tila Tequila Denies Holocaust, Slams "Myth" of Six Million Dead Jews

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We know we shouldn't be giving Tila Tequila, but...

The severely troubled star - who, over the past few weeks, has alleged Paul Walker was murdered; dressed as a Nazi while defending Hitler; and released a British-themed Tila Tequila sex tape snippet - took to her blog yesterday to shoot down the Holocaust as a "myth."

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"This has been a long time coming," Tequila wrote on a URL we refused to publicize here. "Let us be free of this myth and these lies that keeps us all bounded to slavery and ruled by a bunch of treacherous zionists!"

Tila's blog post is titled "Zionist Crime: The 6 Million Holohoax" and it appears to excerpt sections from the site ZionCrimeFactor(dot)com.

It's unclear at times when Tequila is speaking for herself and when she's directly quoting another misguided author, but the bottom line of Holocaust denial remains the same.

Writes Tequila at one point:

The obsessive invocation of the cabalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” dating back at least four decades prior to the events of WWII directly undermines and betrays the notion that 6,000,000 Jews perished in Europe between 1939-1945, as Jews have claimed. It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today!

There you have it. React now to Tila's latest diatribe and try to decide:

Do you despise the former reality star? Or do you just feel sorry for her?

Also, here's a sneak peek of her sex tape. You know you're curious.


The gas chambers may have been anti-German propaganda, and the figure of six million may be an exaggeration, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a Holocaust, of sorts. The revisionist historians generally acknowledge this. I've read their works, and they are not racist idiots, merely scholars who are critical of the rather shoddy orthodox historiography.


ok getting the facts straight! 1. she is right, lets look at the numbers
-According to the Red Cross records there was 271,302 dead jews and that's a fact.
- the vatican states, this number is around 200k
- more russians died than jews
2. there is a reason why this information, is disputed, that is because the jews are in control of that information.
3. jewish people for theyre entire history have claimed pity, as a reason for you to care for them "a people without a home" as they move in and conquer israel, which is not theyre original home land.
4. Jews originally came from Khazaria (a southern colony of russia)
none of the jewish people from israel today, actually contain the blood, of abraham, issac, etc. theyre entire livelihood, is based on the misleading of facts, and false claims.
5. Jews control 90% of the world media, thus controlling most of the information, we see and hear on tv, and newspapers.
6. The Palestinian holocaust is way bigger than the jew one.
More than 800.000 Arab folks died in Palestine since 1960.
Many at the Gaza concentration campThomas, a travesty? who's crying wolf now?
7. Jews Control 90% of the world economic flow of gold, and paper money. Most noteworthy the american Federal Reserve.
8. The jews killed abraham lincoln, because he tried to fight against theyre banks they wanted to start in america.
9. The jews killed JFKennedy, because he also, tried to release american funds, from the national treasury, instead of the federal reserve. All of this being said, I honestly don't believe anything coming from a jewish persons mouth. Everything they say is a Lie.
So you wanna act like Tila is being radical? I think the jews lie more than she does, so please, lay off the insults. Look at the facts, and look at the true history, of Europe, America, and Khazaria!, Also look at the true pagan history, of Christmas(which is not about christ) and santa claus. These are stories, the newspapers wont print.


hey slut, have you ever heard of Jerusalem ? but no....
you are to busy doing satanic rituals to satan because you are satanist.slut.


who the fuck is this ordinary slut to insult others religion? and who the fuck are you from this site of shit to delete my comment ----protecting her ??

@ emanuel

I was writing a something about Hitler when I searched on google about how many(the number) died during holocaust and I end on this shitty site of sluts


She isn't bright enough to express herself this eloquently even if the subject is ridiculous!

@ sue

She deserves credit for speaking out on the ultimate taboo subject.


Kudos to her for telling the truth. The jews say that the Auschwitz "gas chamber" had a hole in the roof through which the ZyklonB cyanide pellets were dropped, killing millions - but official wartime aerial reconnaissance photos prove that there was NO HOLE IN THE ROOF: the Soviets put one in when they "reconstructed" the "gas chamber" after the war as a way to keep the Germans on their knees forever. No hole, no Hollowco$t.


Congrats! I have read a lot of post, many of which were incredibly stupid, but I think you have set an all-time record for utter brainlessness. Clearly, the aerial reconnaissance photes from the 1940's would be able to show a hole large enough to drop a 3 inch pellet into (even if it were below concrete, in an inner ceiling)! You are so sharp, being able to concisely refute the most analyzed and written about subject in the history of the world with a simple factoid. Brilliant!!!

@ Rich

The jews say SS men wearing gas masks & rubber gloves stood on the roof and poured ZyklonB pellets through a large hole in the roof - not some keyhole. Watch any Hollowco$t tear-jerker movie to see the alleged procedure. Furthermore, the door to the "homicidal gas chamber" HAS NO RUBBER SEAL, and there's no gas extractor mechanism to clear the chamber (like they have in the California gas chamber, for example), yet the jews say the jewish kapos immediately went in - without gas masks - to remove the corpses so the next batch could be snuffed. This is obvious bullshit no sane person can believe. As for this fairy tale being "the most analyzed and written about subject in the history of the world": at the Nuremberg show trials, the prosecutors entered "survivor" testimony "evidence" stating that jews were made into soap, that they were electrocuted in large numbers on huge metal plates, that they had their brains smashed out with pedal-powered skull busters - all of this has been proven to be LIES.


She is stupid. Wtf is she anyway? Nothing but a nasty whore. Why does anyone give her 5 minutes?


For more truth about the Holohoax and the evil Jews that keep the lie alive, go to http://vnnforum.com and start reading something that isn't Jew-filtered for possibly the first time in your life.


The blog they won't link to is here: http://anonymoustruthblog.com/... Notice that if you question the sanctioned number of 6 million you're automatically a crazy nazi that deserves to be locked up in jail, no matter your scientific credentials? (look up Germar Rudolf) Would I be sent to jail for questioning the Holodomor, a genocide of millions of Ukrainians, very possibly in the 8 figure range, which was perpetrated by Jew Lazar Kaganovich against white Christians? No. However, were I to ask why, for example, they changed the plaque outside Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million Jews murdered, yet the official number of 6 million wasn't reduced to 3.5 million, I would be labelled an insane, racist, evil hater who should be imprisoned for years. Think about why the powers that be would find that necessary.


Jews control the media and the 'American' government. Go to www.davidduke.com to get he truth

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