The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Carlton Goes Sex Shopping

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This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Carlton Gebbia and her husband, David, visited the Hustler store for some bedroom gear.

Nothing scripted about that at all. Or the fact that Carlton's mother-in-law joined the two of them, which wasn't awkward in the least. Oh no chance.

The mother-in-law is unfazed by Carlton's raunchy persona, though she does draw the line at Carlton's American flag bikini, calling it "too revealing."

Meanwhile, Yolanda called Brandi Glanville with a "911" situation of zits on her face for the night of her seven year anniversary with David Foster.

These are big issues when you're a real housewife.

Elsewhere on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 9, Ken and Lisa decide to host a dinner so Brandi and Joyce can work stuff out.

Spoiler alert: Stuff was not worked out smoothly.

After some filler about Kim's dog at camp (seriously) and Kyle and her daughters trying on clothes at her store for her "fashion show," it's time for the main event.

No, not Carlton working on her sex room. Although that did happen. She's not about to let kids tame the wild, sexual freak that lurks deep down. Not a chance.

Lisa tells Brandi that Joyce Giraud is coming to dinner, and of course Brandi is not looking forward to seeing her, venting to Martin before Joyce arrives.

Needless to say, it took about five seconds before Lisa's / the producers' aspirations for a "fresh start" between Brandi and Joyce proved completely futile.

After Brandi gets the hint that Michael and Joyce are talking about her, she tells Joyce that they have mutual friends and they don't speak highly of her.

Then they start arguing about what Brandi told Joyce on the phone about Lisa, their stories differ, and the insults start flying left and right. Ding, ding!

Joyce asks Brandi if the only reason she brought along these two particular friends was to prove that she's not racist, which she's been accused of.

Lisa jumps in to try to quash the beef, but Joyce gets pissed at her too, believing she was lured to dinner just to be sabotaged by drunken Barbie.

Yolanda tries to shut things down as well, but there is no silencing Joyce at this point, just like there's no containing Carlton Gebbia in the red room.

Eventually, Brandi is dropping f-bombs and getting more wasted than usual, even by Brandi standards, and the whole night turns into one giant mess.

One you really should see for yourself. When you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you'll see that we can't even do this mess justice.

Choose your side in this epic RHOBH beef:


And Carlton, she pretends to be offended at the comments of Kyle, when clearly she is so trashy and I believe she targets Kyle because shes semitic


Brandi is trashy as well as Carlton trash. Joyce is a sweet lady and they are jealous. Carlton is not a good addition on the show. Carlton and Yolanda are nasty to Kyle. The hearts on the place cards was very immature.

@ Rose

So agree!


The fact that Yolanda and Lisa are pals with Brandi blows my mind, i thought they had more class. They shouldnt laugh when Brandi is making fun of Joyce or when Brandis drunk and talking like trash!! I hope its a big act. No man will want a person like that, maybe just to use and toss out like the trash she is!!


Brandi is such low class trash!! She makes herself look like à pièce of shit! She needs someone to put her in her place,a good ole fashion ass beating!! She needs her friend Jen to intervene and get her into rehab! Thank God she has boys, if she had girls theyd have her as à rolemodel, thats scary! Can anyone blame her x for leaving her sorry ass!!! Shes pathetic!


Brandi laid her ignorance out for all to see when she reverted to profanity in a feeble attempt to defend herself. If Lisa & Yolanda were true friends, they would take her aside & tell her she's wrong, she was TERRIBLY RUDE to Joyce, & that she needs to stop drinking. It's very clear now why Brandi's marriage broke up. She's a nut case & a drunk. Lisa & Yolanda are not Joyce's friends. Proof was when they left her to swing like a pinata in Palm Springs, while Brandi took swipe after swipe at her & they sat on the sidelines and laughed. Don't forget either, Brandi brining up Kyle's husband's supposed sexual trangressions. That was the lowest of the low. Terriby mean thing to do when it was all just a figment of the press. Brandi is jealous of anyone with a successful marriage & even more jealous if the husband is handsome & devoted.

@ ausscyn

You are so right on. If Brandi is an alcoholic they need to try and get her into treatment. Not just take her side on everything against Kyle and Joyce.

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