The Kardashians Adopt a Cat!!!

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Move over, North West. You are no longer the cutest member of the Kardashian family.

Kourtney Kardashian posted two photos to Instagram yesterday of what appears to be a baby bengal, but who will clearly go through life dealing with a never-ending stream of Kardashian Kitty Kat jokes/references.

"Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Our newest member of the family," Kourtney captioned the pictures.

Kardashian Cat
A New Kardashian

The Kardashian Christmas consisted of a photo booth-based party on December 24, along with a very expensive Christmas card.

We'd say we feel bad for this poor feline and all he'll suffer through inside that house... but have you seen the designer gifts bestowed upon Nori for the holidays?!?

This pet will have it very well.


Just shows that Kim is much more interested in herself looking fashionable for a crazy cat cult, than in caring about her daughters health. It also shows how stupid and unread she is, in that she has not read the reports and newest CDC findings about crazy cat lady disease.


CDC just issued warnings about people with cats being able to really get Crazy cat lady disease from toxoplas????. Look it up. The Kardashians are already crazy enough. After you read all the serious side effects of crazy cat lady disease someone really is a bad and neglecful mother in having a cat around a baby.

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