Sunny Obama Takes Down Toddler, Becomes Center of Comedy Universe

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Sunny Obama is serious about dog biscuits and he'll mow down a toddler to prove it!

Despite Michelle Obama's attempts to hold the excited dog back, the First Family's second Portuguese water dog knocked a two-year old girl over at a recent White House function.

No worries though. The little girl is fine and immediately set about petting the pup while the dog gave her kisses (i.e. licked the food crumbs from the girl's face. Probably. Toddlers are notoriously crumb-riddled.)

Knowledge that the little girl was okay did not stop the internet from erupting with hilarious and satirical tweets about the event.

Sunny Obama 1

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Sunny Obama 2
Sunny Obama 3
Sunny Obama 4

Michelle Obama comforted the little girl with a hug. Hugs and band-aids make everything better.

Sunny Obama 5
Sunny Obama Takes Out A Toddler
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Darling little girl and cute Sunny! Typical reaction of both! Loved it! Any dog owner knows those moments with little ones! Lol!


.........the sun alway's shines on T.V.


@Brokey- once again you prove that even with a dog that race is always on black peoples mind.