Single Girl Poses with Engaged Friends, Wants to Kill Herself

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'Tis the season to be merry? Not for everyone.

In a hilarious photo first posted on Reddit, a bunch of young women are decked out for the holidays, while many are also showing off their engagement rings.

Those without fresh, expensive bling are mighty happy for their pals... with the exception of one brunette who looks like she'd father be anywhere than on that couch.

Can you pick out the less-than-giddy party goer?

Single Girl and Engaged Friends

Perhaps she'd be more psyched if she were proposed to at center court of a professional basketball game.

Just check out this reaction from a Bulls cheerleader last week when she received the romantic shock of a lifetime:


Don't be too upset. Marriage is definitely overrated!


Wears flannel, thinks the "girly" stuff is overrated, incredibly photogenic, and probably has a wicked sense of humor... If only they made more like this!


Ouch...someone sounds bitter^^^


The single girl at the party should be happy as can be, cause she doesnt have to put up with shit from a crappy boyfriend which is probably what the other girls have. She can party all the time, go out with a different guy every nite, and could even be a female Wilt Chamberlain writing a book about it if she wants, instead of being left with a bunch of kids she cant afford like her friends, when their husbands leave them for ugly witches.