Sharkeisha Video, Reactions Slammed By Anti-Bullying Groups

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The video showing a Houston teen named Sharkeisha beating up another girl is still getting heavy play on social media and blogs over a week after it went viral.

Anti-bullying groups and others aren't pleased about that, either, particularly when it comes to people cheering on the girl and her vicious sucker punch.

The video was uploaded to Instagram last week before being removed due to terms of use violations. It has also been yanked from Twitter and Facebook.

Still, Sharkeisha remains a hot topic across the web, and the Anti-Bullying Alliance is condemning it, as well as the act of sharing violence online.

The group’s Luke Roberts told the International Business Times:

“It is important that young people, the media industry, government and parents work together to make young people feel protected when online."

"It is important to remind young people that what they put online is permanent and difficult to take down,” he added of the video's staging and sharing.

“Young people don’t seem to comprehend that what you do at 14 might affect you when you are 19 looking for a job,” he said, stating the obvious.

Sharkeisha may have trouble getting one after this, we're guessing.

Kidscape's Director of Services, Peter Bradley, said the bigger issue here is that lots of people enjoyed watching and sharing the video in question:

“These actions illustrate thousands of young people who have taken a part in an attack on an innocent young woman and the images posted on the internet.”

Demetria L. Lucas, an editor with the Root, denounced the apparent glorification of the violence in the Sharkeisha video on Twitter and Facebook:

"It’s a vulgar display of violence, a tragic depiction of someone lacking anger management and humanity and a shocking example of just how wayward some teens are."

"Sharkeisha’s reaction to a petty dispute over, likely, a boy who didn’t care about either of these girls is a clear-cut case of assault."

"This isn’t funny. At all. This isn’t entertainment to get through the workday. The way that girl was kicked in the face could have resulted in her death."

Sharkeisha victim Shamichael Manuel told KHOU-TV that Sharkeisha used to be her friend before this, and that she was invited over after school.

Little did she know she would be assaulted in cowardly fashion.

She says she was set up by Sharkeisha and others, punched and kicked when she wasn't even looking in what was a pathetic act of senseless brutality.

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Is this about 1 black person
Don't include all black pople
Not all black people's the same


I only clicked on this article after seeing the headline for a couple days in a row. Call me what you will but at first glance, I thought the name was some D-list movie name, possibly something goofy like Sharknado but the keisha part was a curiosity. Now that I know what occurred, I feel bad for the victim and hopes all that took part as aggressors and bystanders go to jail. As for Sharkeisha, she needs to get her head screwed on straight, work hard to earn money, and CHANGE that damned name.


Any parent who names their child any crazy names like this should be forced to spend a day at a homeless shelter, another day at social services hearing the stories of the downtrodden, a day at a jail or prison, and one last day at any place that pays minimum wage or barely over. The child given ebonic sounding names will suffer the consequences and be at higher risk of landing at any one or any combination of the aforementioned places...possibly in a lifelong catch 22.

@ Rachel



"Sharkeisha may have trouble getting one (a job) in the future, we're guessing" She's black. She isn't getting a job in the future. She'll just go on welfare and food stamps sitting in her "hood" looking for "niggas tryna f*ck"

@ Mark Lyndstrom



you go nigg^rs!


Looking at her is proof enough she is black- Hearing that name is GHETTO BLACK! As if being black was not enough of a curse. They seperate themselves from a productive society.

@ Me

I don't event know where to begin with such a vile comment. I love the fact that you hide behind your computer with no pic and spew so much hatred. To further prove how ignorant you are, Yes I am black, I am also a decorated combat veteran( 2 tours in Iraq), currently an E6 IN THE ARMY RESERVES WITH A TS Clearance due to the nature of my military occupational specialty and I currenly hold a degree in Criminal Justice from Temple Universtiy in Philadelphia. I am a productive Black male, with no arrest record and no children. I am very proud to be black and I don't view it as a curse, though people like you make me wonder.

Anthony caruso

I totally agree with you on the job prospect part (but I would not be less trustworthy based on name.) There was a study using identical resumes (one with a mainstream american name, such as David, or Jason and another with a name simular that was unique like "Sharkiesha." The resume with the mainstream name got calls for an interview and the ebonic sounding name did not.
A child is a life, a human being who will need to compete in this world for the same jobs as everybody else. In any economic environment, being unique should be limited to using an 'older' name, such as Sofia. I could also understand other 'pretty' names, but 'Sharkiesha' and 'Shamichael' are one of the worst. Their parents would be more effective wearing a t-shirt that reads, "I'm retarded!" That is probably why is unhappy enough to treat a friend the way she did. Her home life probably sucks! She is as much as a victim of her circumstances as the girl she hit. Her family could not even give her a decent name to start life with. Much less her everyday educational, social, and health needs.


...............women don't's a fact though.


What could anyone be thinking when they name their kid Sharkeshia or Shamichael? WTF kind of butchered up black name is that? You can't even claim its an ancestral name! It's butchered shit. Who in the hell will hire your ass when they see that name on a resume. It has ghetto written all over it. A name like that should be 2nd degree child abuse. Were labor intense drugs a factor? Was mother under the influence. How fu*king stupid can a person be. Unless of course you voted for Obama twice then that would be competition for ignorance. Regardless both will do without for a long time along with a 2 time Obama loser. It's baffling how someone could end up with a handle like that.

@ Sims

The name thing is killing me too. The desire of parents to ensure individuality in their children's names is getting ridiculous. More focus on the child and working on the best future for them is what's going to really make them stand out. It's not a black or white thing. It's an issue of being a part of your child's life, which is apparent in this story that the offender is lacking parental guidance. Having a child is something the general population takes for granted and a lot of parents just give up when it doesn't fit their schedule. And the argument that parents can't be there all the time to make sure their children aren't influenced by others is bull****. Teaching morals and guidelines at a young age will help in making sure this type of behavior doesn't happen. Quit being selfish and stop letting television and entertainment raise your children, America.

@ Scoot

Very well said! What must go thru a persons mind when the conceive a child. For a child to carry names like that is not good judgement on the parents part. If you cannot make your child a usefull component in society then you shouldn't have a child. To name a child that then you are handicapping that kid. I would never hire a person with that kind of name I would lock my shit up.

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