Sharkeisha: Arrested For Video Assault!

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Sharkeisha has been arrested, weeks after the brutal assault video that went viral and made her unusal first name a trending topic on social media.

The brutal clip shows 17-year-old ShaMichael Manuel getting sucker-punched in the face and crumpling to the ground, where Sharkeisha keeps attacking.

Blindsided with a fist to the mouth, then pounded with uppercuts and kicked in the head while lying on the ground, Manuel could'vee been badly injured.

As a result, many called for the arrest of Sharkeisha, and it happened.

The Harris County, Tex., sheriff's office confirmed that the foul-mouthed, cowardly bully has been arrested on charges of assault with bodily injury.

They didn't identify her or go into detail because she's a minor.

The now-infamous November 19 attack allegedly started because of a dispute over a boy, ShaMichael's family told Houston's KHOU-TV in the aftermath.

She says she was set up for this, and that hurts most of all.

The sickening footage has since gone viral, and that is the worst part of it. They are humiliated and saddened more than any physical pain could cause.

Various anti-bullying groups have decried the video, but that hasn't stopped it from spreading and being viewed over 10 million times on the Internet.

"The video's just going and going," ShaMichael's mom, Olevia Henderson, said. "They're making jokes, and they're taunting. They're glorifying Sharkeisha."

ShaMichael, a Cypress Creek H.S. senior, said she was lured to an apartment complex thinking she was going to pick up some of her stuff from friends.

She no idea Sharkeisha was upset with her, and certainly no idea what to expect when the two girls came face-to-face ... or not even face-to-face.

"I was just in shock. I was like, 'Oh my God. Did she really do this?' You're supposed to be my friend," she told the station. "We were talking in school earlier that day."

"She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her.

The vicious beating left her with a black eye and a split lip, and her mother said she had trouble seeing out of her eye after Sharkeisha's mauling.

"I'm going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. How would you feel if that was your daughter or your son, how would you feel?" Henderson said.

Arresting Sharkeisha for the attack: The right decision?


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I see no point in viewing the video when the article lays out what happened. The video should be banned from the internet and people who pass it on should be charged with something, I don't know what. Passing around videos of minors being beaten doesn't sound like something that should be legally allowed. Not seeing the video, I don't know who else is there, but whatever weak and ugly soul filmed this should be charged as well. Why document your crimes? Also, I don't really think people are "glorifying" this piece of trash, just entertaining their damned selves. If there was a Hell, we're either all there or going there.

@ ME

I hope you understand the underlying implication of such a suggestion.
Repressing and regulating something isn't exactly a concrete solution and can lead to freedom issues. Beside that point, I believe that it's better for the video to be seen for scrutinization.
- "Gasp! What the hell are you talking about, you idiot!"
What I'm implying by this suggestion is that when an audience view this, although some may cheer, others stare and shake their head in disapproval. Because this video has been shown, people are once again considering adolescent violence and even those who primarily cheered for Sharkeisha eventually get influenced by the open disapproval of everyone else and change their idea to match what is considered "right".

@ Guest

Uu Are dumb sharkeshia is a dumb person! So if it was her she would of been Scared shocked! even do suicide uu dumb ass stfu thatsso rude! Uj deserve to get punched in yo shit! dirty ass bitch !!!!✔✔✔✔✔✔


Lmfao dat was some funny shit though lol right in da face " no she wasnt readyy" lol sharkeisha turnt her glasses into contacts lmfao who da fuck names their kid sharkeisha or shamicheal?

@ Sharkeisha_comming

Yo guys sharksisha is a fucking piece of shit she needs angermanegment when shes in prison if you want the video banned from the internet make a petition and if you have a heart you would stop saying things like "im bringing sharkiesha to black friday with me" stop the hate this girl was im fucking pain and u laugh about it if someone did that to u would you laugh? I wouldnt i dont care if i go to hell for this but you guys are fucking low laughs with nothing better to do then laugh at people

@ Stop

i agree with you

@ Sharkeisha_comming

Your an idiot

@ Anonymous

Your an idiot Anonymous

@ Anonymous



As a mother it saddens me to see what I just saw. What saddens me more is the glorification that are children are giving this. Please God has a greater purpose for you. Use your gifts, your brain, not ignorance


Sharkiesha is a pussy ass weak bitch attacking someone when there not looking she would get knocked out kill that ugly ratchet ass bitch!!


So many clueless kids here acting all up in everyones face as if what they say or think about the subject matters. Maybe one of them will do something that matters one day and get out into the world and make a difference instead of making statements here that mean nothing. Bully blindsides her friend = cool ? Wake up, get out and embrace life instead of coming across like you wouldn't know shit from shinola. Pathetic.


Sharkeisha should have never done that to her. I think it's a different story once you find out who that person is. They're worshipping her like she's an idol because she punched a girl in the face. Society has been corrupted. Sorry to say but it's the way thing are now.


The government needs to build a gate around the ghetto and keep these little hood bitches confined. They are a threat to society. Trashy hoes.

@ Ghetto trash

shut your entitled ass up


Anyone one comes into a conversion expecting to initiate with physical force will MOST LIKELY win. She had the element of surprise when she sucker punched the other girl and then kept rolling with it. This doesn't make her a good FIGHTER. She wasn't in a FIGHT, she suddenly attacked someone who was not FIGHTING her. This was an ASSAULT and BATTERY not a FIGHT. LEARN the DIFFERENCE.


She wasn't ready


Seriously, what she did was cowardly and weak. SOME OF YOU PEOPLE writing on this wall are just plain sad. You honestly think people whom do things like this deserve to be glorified? Throwing shade at people who disagree with your point of view in thinking this sad little hood rat is a "boss bitch", please....Its ridiculous. It's showing a down falling society that thinks violence and stupidity are the answer to everything. Why dont you spend more time working on you and bettering yourself than promoting garbage like this? Oh wait.....we all saw how most of these repsonses looked, text slang, misspellings, and errors everywhere. Maybe you might wanna take your sorry self back to school and get a better grasp of the english language before posting on social media because you look like an idiot. Point blank, she deserves to be charged but even more so, she deserved to go to jail if your dumb enough to video tape yourself jumping someone....thats just idiotic. Standing up for yourself is one thing but this was all out cowardly bullying and theres nothing honorable about that ever.

@ KB1234