Paris Jackson, Debbie Rowe Vacation in Hawaii; Teen Still Faces Years of Therapy

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Paris Jackson looks healthy and happy vacationing with her mom Debbie Rowe in Hawaii, but she is far from out of the woods regarding her ongoing treatment.

Paris Jackson, Debbie Rowe Picture

Debbie Rowe and Paris have been posing together for the camera during their entire trip, and a series of adorable selfies have been making the rounds.

Rowe lost contact with Paris and her two brothers after she divorced Michael Jackson, but reconnected a little over a year ago following Paris' initiative.

Mother and daughter have since become extremely close.

Rowe speaks constantly with Paris, who is at a boarding school in Utah after her tragic suicide attempt and extended hospitalization in L.A. last year.

She stands to gain nothing financially from this, FYI.

Rowe received a generous divorce settlement from MJ and has made no overtures toward regaining custody or legal guardianship of Paris Jackson.

She's just there for her as a maternal figure, and a good thing, too. Paris' mental health issues run deep, and she will most likely require years of treatment.

We wish her only the best going forward.


All of MichaelS kids Except Blanket are old enough to realize that Debbie abandoned them and at this point Debbie wants money and I don't think They will have any of the opportunities they will have living with the Jackson family as opposed to living with Debbie cuz I don't think she has any contacts and her life style is not what they are use to.


Who leaked this picture online? Was it Debbie Rowe? The last thing a teenager with mental issues needs is having her pictures on the internet. She should stay out of the media spotlight. She is not a celebrity. She is just an average girl who was born to a famous father, that's all. She was already overexposed for no reason before her suicide attempt, that's why now she shouls stay away from the media.

@ guest1

Yes, it was Debbie Rowe who posted the pictures of her daughter. On HER personal facebook. So it wasn't 'leaked' it was in a video that she posted. For friends to see I suppose. I saw it, but I didn't steal it like everyone else of Paris' supposed 'fans'. Debbie posted it first.

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