Mom Arrested After Nude Snapchats with 14 Year Old Daughter Circulated

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A Missouri mom has been arrested and now faces up to a year in jail for misdemeanor child endangerment charges after a photo showing both her and her 14 year old daughter topless was circulated around two area high schools. 

She and her daughter were in their hot tub when the woman's 13 year old daughter snapped the photo with her sister's phone. The photo was later sent it via Snapchat to an undisclosed recipient who then did what kids do and took a screenshot of the topless 14 year old in a hot tub with her also topless mother and shared it.

And that person shared it. And that other person shared it. get the idea.

The 50 year old mother and her 14 year old daughter can be seen covering their nipples in the photo, which prosecutors believe is proof that the picture was posed. 

The mother, however, shares a different side of the story.

In her version of events, she was attempting to get out of the hot tub when the younger teenager snapped the photo. She alleges she told her 13 year old to "delete that photo."

Which clearly the younger daughter did not do and now the photo has gone viral through two high schools.

There's so much not being said about this situation that it's hard to get a clear picture (har har har) about what, exactly, transpired. 

For starters, is the prosecutor more concerned with the family's loose rules on nudity or the fact that the photo was distributed? Is anyone talking to the 13 year old who took the photo to explain proper photo-taking etiquette?

And what of the person who originally shared it and the person who shared it again? 

Perhaps the mother isn't the only one who deserves to be called on the carpet here. And maybe this family needs a "no phones by the hot tub" rule from here on out.


loose rules on nudity...naked @ home wheres the problem. Nudity is natural I'm sure it was a mind blank on behalf of the child to fwd the photo ( or not aware than screenshots can still be taken) innocence at best. However for the other child to fwd that on is another matter all together...


I believe they can take a "screen shot" of the picture then do what they want with it. Kids need to realize how their actions can impact people's lives.


i thought snapchat only lasted 8 seconds? and disappears and does not get saved anywhere

@ michelle

You can screenshot snapchats...

@ michelle

I believe a person can take a screen shot of the picture. Then they can do whatever they want with it. Beware don't put anything on the internet you wouldn't want your Grandmother or potential empolyers to see!


They were at home in private?
This mom wasn't being inappropriate with her child, and doubtfully asked her teenager to send the photo and probably did request it to be deleted. The judge questioning the comfort level is ridiculous considering nude beaches exist and that the naked body is not something to be ashamed of, especially with your own mother.


No blood, no harm, no victim. Some prudes just need to get a life.


................what's the problem here.

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