Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Getting Back Together?!

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Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting back together? We wouldn't put money on it, but that's the topic of a number of reports this week.

Multiple sources say they are in constant contact, while Us Weekly reports there was a secret meeting in which Liam "begged" Miley to take him back.


The formerly engaged couple has insisted they've moved on and are happy, but that may not be the case ... and it may be Liam making the push.

A source says he initiated the reunion just two months after their September break-up, and that he still has feelings for the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

"He pushed to get back in touch," added the source of the Catching Fire star and saying how "He still has feelings. The attraction hasn't gone away."

Now they are exchanging "flirty texts" too, supposedly, and Liam Hemsworth was supportive when Miley's house was burglarized before her 21st birthday.

"He's telling friends he misses her," added the source, while for her part, she still cares for her ex-fiance, but "she's confused about how she feels."

A late November trip to the Bahamas with her family gave the Twerking superstar an opportunity to clear her head, but she's still not sure what to do.

Of course, there's also signs that this is all a bunch of speculative baloney.

Liam, who was linked Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez after the split, has been telling the press he is on the market, and is "extremely happy" these days.

Both for Miles' success, and for himself in general.

Cyrus has offered similar sentiments, and if they were serious about making a go of their relationship again, this would likely be the worst time to try.

Miley begins her 38-stop world tour in support of Bangerz in 2014, and Liam will be shooting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 in Georgia.

Not a lot of time for romance ... although flirty texts could still happen. Unlimited international data plans have really become affordable these days.

Miley and Liam: Will they get back together?


wow its very good news for the fans of Miley Cyrus .They are now come back each other.
Slimberry Max


I hope not because Liam cheated non stop on Miley and I think Wrecking Ball was an anthem for their relationship. I hope the next two movies are done fast and then Liam can go back to Australia where he belongs. Miley deserves so much better!


Yes I like miley and Liam back together just like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens I want them back together also I love Billy Conaway so much we are engaged as well we call ourselves Billynessa love Megan Sands and Billy Conaway


I really do hope they don't. I like some of her songs and all, but she has issues. He deserves someone better.


I really hope that it's possible they can work something out. They seemed really happy and beautiful together, and it's really unfair for people to make judgments on either Miley or Liam and their decisions. If being apart works for them, then that is fine. But if it's possible for them to get back together and be happy, I wish them all the best.


OH DEAR GOD NO! If this is true, I will have lost whatever's left of my sanity... I love Liam and I REALLY don't want to see his heart broken again! He deserves someone so much better than that twerking, cow tounged, IDIOT! Hopefully this isn't true, cuz I thought he was smarter than that...

@ Megan

His heart?
He is the one who possibly cheated on her.


I hope they won't get back together because they are not a great couple


I hope so .. they where such a great couple!!!


if so, the losers couple of 2013 is born.

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