Marie Avgeropoulos: Dating Taylor Lautner!

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Avgerner is officially on!

Photos of Taylor Lautner and new girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulus have hit the Web, as the pair were spotted last night outside a Jay Z concert in Los Angeles… and they were holding hands!

It's unclear how long Lautner and Avgeropoulus have been an item, but here are a few facts about the first woman to publicy date Lautner since Maika Monroe:

  • She is 27 years old.
  • She was born in Ontario.
  • She has appeared on two CW shows: Cult and Supernatural.
  • She loves to surf.
  • She plays the drums.
  • She met Lautner on the set of the film Tracers.
Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos
Marie Avgeropoulos and Taylor Lautner

Oh, and she clearly has great taste in men. Don't these two look adorable together?


Thank you i think they are just friends thanks man bunch of lying people and you guys are liars


Didn't they break up like two months ago??? I think they are just hanging out as friends. Liars.


I think you guys are lying ok taylor is single and you guys rewrite all the same stuff all over again and i think taylor is right there are rumors out there next time tell the truth ok


could you call an excorsist, please?


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