Kourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick: You Need Rehab!

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Kourtney Kardashian has had it.

With paparazzi swarming her children? Yes, this videotaped tirade made that quite clear.

But also with Scott Disick, who has allegedly been drinking himself into oblivious since his mother passed away in October.

Kourtney Kardashian & Penelope
Scott Disick with a Beard

“Kourtney is beside herself,” a family friend tells The National Enquirer. “She was giving him time to grieve, but now he’s drinking with a vengeance."

While some reports claim Kardashian and Disick are on the verge of a break-up, others insist they are getting married in 2014 - and the Enquirer source says Kourtney is afraid of having her big day "ruined by a drunken groom."

Then, of course, there's her concern over little Mason and Penelope, the latter of whom is only 18 months old.

“Kourtney doesn’t want her kids to have a drunk dad,” the insider says. “She’s read up on how it affects kids for the rest of their lives, so she wants to stop this before it gets out of hand."

On December 7, Disick was staggering and appeared to be wasted at a Kanye West concert. A week before that, he was spotted pouring vodka shots with college students at a bar in Arizona.

“She wants him back in rehab or going to AA meetings at the very least," concludes the friend.

Will Scott listen? Only time, and more conjured-up stories by supermarket tabloids, will tell.


Scott is a very lovely father, is just that he needs to be with his Family all the time and stop attending parties which will make him get drunk.Although his wife needs to pay attention to him always whenever he needs help or advice.


leave him alone! Scott should dump her, see how she likes feeling replaceable! dump her and lay into her judgemental family!


He is clearly alcoholic and needs intensive treatment.


that on them too much money they dont help no one but them self that what they get..all this money and cant keep a man ..what a shame..


This is an instant replay of the Lamar Odom deal where the Kardashians started trashing him for drinking and drugs. Everytime one of the bitch Kardashians have a hangnail or a burr up their asses, their husbands are drunks or druggies, all cause they want to go out and have some fun to be away from their bitch asses. Why dont these women be nicer and quit being bitches. Why do they keep showing them on TV when they are certainly terrible examples and actors.


It is so sad that Scotts business is being put on blast yet another man in the kardashian clan to be erased from the kkk compound on mama dearest kris jenner's demands. Two gone, two left to go ok, I find it so sad that scott is back drinking he never stopped ok. There is a lot more to this wicked stan than people realize. Scott Disick (Lord of whatever) has recently lost his mother, (was she sacrificed for scotts rapping career?hmm sad and he feels guilty now). No one really knows the true details of Scotts mother, why did she have to die and so suddenly hmm. I wonder is it because he put the Kris Jenner/Kardashian clan favor over his moms request. I noticed the kardashians never said much about scotts family, but only in one ep when kourtney went to visit taking khloe along. While visiting kourtney rearranges everything in scotts mother home. Also, to not mention that just like kris jenner never talks about her sister and other siblings ok. I will continue to pray for scott that he continues to stay strong and be his own MAN and not CONTROLLED by wicked,evil,Cursed kardashian women. Prayers.

@ curious

why are people so surprised on what they read this family makes thete money this way ... they will step on anyone and anything... ro make that money. look at look at kims baby daddy ... in his own words .dont look at me dont talk to me or my family.. but mow he doing interviews on tv and radio.. and there not getting any younger,thats why there kids are next . be ready america North and Penelope are are coming to a tabloid nearest you...

@ disgusted

I agree 100%. It is so sad, let us keep the innocent babies in our Prayers.

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