Kim Kardashian Unveils New North West Pic, Raises Eye Brow Waxing Questions

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Kim Kardashian has posted a new photo of daughter North West online.

And while the Instagram image is downright adorable (captioned with the simple word "SMILE"), it has also raised a few questions across the Twitterverse.

Namely: is Kim waxing her baby's eyebrows?!? Or plucked them? Or shaped them in some way?

North West Close Up

In January, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham came under fire for waxing the unibrow of her three-year old.

So Kim wouldn't be the first famous mother to take this sort of action, nor the last.. but who wants to be grouped together with Farrah Abraham?!?

Study the photo above, compare it to past North West pictures and decide:

Is little Nori being waxed?

UPDATE: Kim has responded to this allegations. She says they are sick and explains:

"It's pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughter's eyebrows. They are thick, natural, and amazing!"


The middle area looks red & irritated. The uni brow is gone. I wouldn't be surprised if the dumb bitch did that to a baby... How sad.

Patsy collins hood

That baby looks like a BOY!! Does she not own anything PINK??? No hair ribbons? Head band? Geez.....dress her like a girl!!!

@ Patsy Collins-Hood

geez dont be a bitch about it you look like boy!


I had 3 very Harry babies. I'm talking hair on their backs ,one even had extra hair around his forehead area and sideburns. Over a few months this hair goes away. I guess it sheds. This is a great possibility this happened to her baby. But people are always looking to say and think the worst of all people. FOCUS ON SELF AND SELF IMPROVEMENT. PRAY FOR ALL.


that child will have some major lasor sessions when she grows. ive never seen such eyebrows on a 6 month old. she has quite alot of facial hair for someone that young. im sure the mother will have her scheduled for hair removal by the time shes two. where would kim be if she didnt remove all that bush.


Not a fan of the Kardashians, but I doubt she is waxing that baby's eyebrows. I've never had to wax mine once in my 20 years.


My lil girl had perfect eyebrows. I didn't wax them ! She got them from her father. Can't you guys get better gossip then this !!


My gosh!!! You guys will do ANYTHING for a stupid story!!! Again, I'm not a KarKASHian fan, but good grief, to NOW be making up stupid stories about a baby!! How much lower will you go??? Wait, don't even answer that!!!


Some people I have to say are very weird. Who does a child's eye brows at 6 months old? I mean really what baby will sit still while you pull the hair out by their eyes!! Dumb dumb dumb...


I don't think it matters if she plucked Nori's eyebrows, where I come from it's normal for mothers to pluck and shape their baby's eyebrows. My friend's mom did it when she was a baby and now she has really nice brows that needs no maintenance


We are talking about a 6 month old baby. Really people I don't think anyone even crazy Kim will do this to an infant.

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