Kim Kardashian Kompares Self to Elizabeth Taylor, Strikes Same Pose as Her "Idol"

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Kim Kardashian has posted a new selfie to Instagram... and it should have Kanye West very worried.

In the shot, the reality star does her best impression of Elizabeth Taylor, standing in front of a photograph of the late actress and striking a similar pose: towel on hand in a turban, diamond ring glittering for all to see.

Kardashian captioned the photo with "my idol."

So, why should Kanye be concerned?

Kardashian has always spoken highly of Taylor, who shared Kim's affinity for diamonds and also for many husbands. Taylor was married EIGHT times.

West will make husband number-three for Kim, meaning she'll need to divorce him quickly if she plans on walking down the aisle five more times afterward in order to keep up with her idol.

Sorry, 'Ye. But you really should have seen this coming.

But at least when Kim is finished with you, perhaps you'll be considered cool again.


Kim with those rodent eyes, wish she had La Liz's beauty.


I can not or will not believe that KK compares herself to a iconic beauty, it's impossible to believe that this over weigh self promoter has the self righteous belief that she remotely or self delusional to believe that she is even a billion lights comparable to LZ. This is my opinion and mine alone,
She us in my opinion grossly over weight, where way to much make-up and frankly a boorish person. It's a shame that the USA is duped into or possible in a cult who thinks that fat ugly using women are worth the least a second look. The whole family are users, always have been and always will be in my opinion, even Bruce finally woke-up plus I find it amazing that that the bridge troll using thing will not receive one dime of his money. I guess she played that one wrong.


Ugh! So delusional!


lmao. jajaja your so right!


It's insulting to Ms. Taylor's memory to mention this skank in the same sentence! Why doesn't she do something worthwhile, besides posting stupid photos of herself? Last I heard she has a baby? Oppps forgot she has round the clock sitters.


Kim & Kayne are so self-loathing that they constantly have to tell people to compare them to other people who actually earned respect. Every day, they're telling us that they feel like somebody else. Maybe if they worked on fixing their own pathetic lives they wouldn't wish they were somebody else. I feel sorry for that poor kid they spawned.


I'm surprised she isn't calling herself a genius.


kim will do whatever Kris ask her to do! she her pupet u know. kim does not look all that happy, she's happy to have a man...he thinks he's special and is that one, for awhile that is.

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