Kim Kardashian Bikini Pics: Definitely Airbrushed, Staged

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On Wednesday's episode of South Park, one character referred to Kim Kardashian as a phony who "who manipulates her image and makes average girls feel horrible about themselves."

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    I think it's really crazy that she would go to those lengths just to have her "bikini body" on the cover of a magazine. What's her appeal again?

    @ ROSE

    That is exactly right. There is no appeal and why she has to work so hard to manipulate EVERYTHING in her life just to make the sale.

    SHE IS REALLY GROSS IN PERSON and it is obvious how photo shopped the pics are. Don't just look at the pics, SEE them. STUDY them beyond the obvious. The darker lines that slim her legs and waist etc., the blurred stomach & legs to hide stretchmarks & scabs & dry patches, the ridiculous poses which she denies. Everything in life is all about the details and every last detail in the karTRASHians lives are bogus plots to feed an incurable emptiness and endless insecurities.



    shes desperate to keep her name out there. i bet the magazine regrets paying for that traps fake photos. im sure the sales were a loss. kim is obviously stupid enough to believe that people are as stupid as her. if she didnt wear spandex the cellulite rolls would be hanging. she can keep dreaming but thst body is well and truly gone. she is one used up old hag that needs to be put to pasture like an old cow.


    Firstly, I don't hate or care for the Kardashians but what I don't get is why people care what she does with her body. Like you said all celebrities do this, so who cares if Kim does. It seems people hate her because she's all about her looks..... Um that's what she is famous for. Honestly you make her famous with negative or positive attention just remember that. If she gets on your nerves so much stop putting money in her pocket by being obsessed with her.


    the question is: WHAT SELLS BEST?
    cellulitesor.......THIS HERE?


    those hideous hobbit feet.


    Liar, liar, bikini bottoms on fire!

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