Kim Kardashian Bikini Cover: Revenge is Mine!

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The Kim Kardashian bikini body, it really is back, folks.

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    I dont understand this family the mother is the worst mum ever thank God i dont have a mother like Chris who can do anything 4 money.


    I pray for NWTTHP kim go be a mother to your Nori-seaweed ok. The universe is really over you now especially now that Kendall has turned 18 yrs old the new Jenner Puppet on the rise. The world is waiting for the next Porn Sex Tape of the next Porn star on the rise Kendell Jenner Mommager kris j new Puppet. Prayers to all peace.Remember it is just an opinion.


    She can't be serious? Kim when are you going to get it nobody is hating on you. Your body, face, nor ass is not why people can't stand you. It's the way you walk around with this underserved sense of accomplishment when your nothing but and over paid porn star. Not even most men like you so what their hating on your body as well? The whole world has already seen you naked on your knees and back, there's nothing you can do that can EVER be a fyck u to the world. So stop with the bikini pix, stop with the selfies and go be a mother to your child. You've already done enough that guarantees not even all your money is going to be able to pay for the therapy baby Kompass is going to need. Please don't make it worst.

    @ Dutchess

    "Kompass" lol


    I am glad SHE is happy with her body, but that is not a body I would want. Too chunky and jiggly for me...


    Her A$$ is huge and disproportionate to her body. In other words a real wide load.

    And she is uglier than ever inside.

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