Khloe Kardashian on Instagram: Everything is Temporary...

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For the second time since filing for divorce from Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian has opened up online.

A week before Christmas, the reality star Tweeted that the split was both "heartbreaking" and "torture to my soul."

And now, some time later, Khloe doesn't sound much better.

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"We always seem to forget that everything is temporary," she wrote on Instagram yesterday. "I mean, yeah okay, it crosses our minds once in a while and we might do something daring and out of our comfort zone.

"But when that moment passes it gets stored away in the back of our minds and we continue living our lives as if there are plenty of tomorrows waiting for us. We postpone feelings to another day, another week, another month, another year."

She then concluded: "Everything is temporary. Forever is an empty promise."

Awww, poor Khloe.

She is clearly torn up inside about the break-up and it's difficult to blame her. Divorce is never easy.

But she just has to follow the lead of sister Kim Kardashian to realize that one can easily recover from a marriage ending. Kim has had it happened multiple times in the past, after all, and is now engaged once again with a child.

So hang in there, Khloe. Your Kanye West could be right around the corner!

UPDATE: Khloe has lashed out at the media for misinterpreting this message as some kind of Lamar Odom diss.

"Stop making nothing in2 something," she wrote last night. "If I wanted 2direct something towards some1 u will know. Im posting things I personally enjoy. Get a life.”


Khloe I'm sure you will get thrust this with the support of your friends and family and I know you'll find your true soulmate one day and I wish you all the happiness !!! You deserve it !!!


I thought what she wrote was right on the money as pertaining to relationship ending! I was touched khloe!


I am a 62 year old woman and I just love Khloe and I'm telling everyone to just let her do what's best for HER! Been there in my lifetime and came out on top and so will she! If you haven't walked a few steps in her shoes let alone a mile then you need to let her be! ANYWAY, who the h--- made any of you judge and jury?


Omg really khloe? You post something directly aimed at Lamar for attention then pretend to act pissed when people give it to you? The real reason Lamar was never attracted to you is because you're pathetic and a bad liar. Go get your nose fixed already


Yes, everything is temporary. Our lives are these incredibly brief moments in time, extremely temporary. As far as time is concerned, every one of us will be gone and forgotten in the blink of an eye.


Everything is temporary! Like your brief moment of fame. What a disgusting, no-talent, idiot. A statement on the low level to which our culture has sunk, when someone like this, who has done NOTHING in life to warrant such riches and fame, has become a wealthy celebrity who is watched and followed and adored and defended by millions of people who must, by definition, be even dumber than she!


I will continue to pray for khloe, as I am doing for Lamar. I find it so funny why would khloe would make yet another statement to defend the message she has written.(if stated by her at all) It is so revelent, now there must be some truth of hidden messages that she sends out ok. Khloe,Why, not just ignore, if opinions are not true. People are only giving their true opinion whether it is good or bad ok nothing more.hmmm Khloe needs to understand people are not stupid, everything is for ratings and the bad publicity brings ones to stay revelent right. Khloe, is not hurting if she were truly hurting, would not be exploiting herself with another man/men, so soon after displaying how she LOVED her husband Lamar and so worried he would commit suicide or hurt himself, if she would leave him. Khloe, wants to collect on that 10 million dollar life policy big time.hmm (I guess Lamar has shown khloe a more serious side, that he is not that WEAK Man she thought he was, Lamar is a strong black man (even through whatever his struggles might be),and will continue to get stronger each day through gods help). The truth is what hurts the most, right everyone. No one has to be negative towards Khloe, and they're not hating at all. The people are only giving their opinions ok,(that is why websites were created for people to voice their opinions on subjects,right. Khloe is a woman pretending to be Scorned. Khloe is one who is living off the press to have sympathy for her when if you think about it does she really deserve the support of so many.hmm Actually, everything has been so fake,so many LIES told, and people must realize this it is not REAL Khloe,lives on the negativity that her family has created.ok Why not do something extremely good for those who are not able to do for themselves would make a difference in this world. The whole Cursed family chooses to display their hatred towards the world ,displaying half nekkid selfies,giving the world the middle fingers, making statements like "Don't Eff with Me", not to mention all the other episodes of drama created by them, so of course they would be the most disliked not HATED, family in the universe. Pretending to show good to those who follow them/kanye by twitting and offering free seats to sit in the VIP Section to hear Kanye rants about his own issues while Mocking god,corporations,fashion industry,grammy's at the same time,etc. People are not showing true hatred it would be a whole lot worse. (BOYCOTTS everywhere demanding shut closings at every Dash store in every country ok). Khloe needs to bridle her tongue because everything will come out eventually, take a real good look of how it looks with the tabloids stating she has moved on without any hesitation and still yet married and stories written in the tabloids stating khloe is in distress. The fake marriage was for Ratings for the reality show, just like the explotation of the Divorce will be aired out on the reality show for ratings next seasons to make Lamar look more fowl. In my opinion Lamar apologized for the behavior on their reality show it should be enough. Remember Lamar,was locked into a contract so everyone believe what you want. It is just sad that this wicked evil cursed family will continue to destroy him in every way. Thank god, the papers were filed and the shackles were broken from Lamar's ankles. 2015, can not get here fast enough, I personally have gone through divorce, and what I know through my experience it is not healthy to jump so fast into another relationship or even start dating so soon (it is a broken feeling so deep in ones soul). Khloe, stated people get a life, the one who doesn't have a life is khloe.(Money yes khloe does has millions). A woman who displays all her business in the media,tabloids, twitter, hidden messages,and new men what does khloe want to prove. Khloe, wants that acceptance from the world ok for her throwing Lamar under the BUS. It is not working for most, and people are seeing khloe and the rest of her wicked,evil,Cursed family for the people they are very wicked,evil,cursed materialistic individuals with no souls. Khloe needs to display silence for awhile might be a good start, be personal instead of exploiting her every move on everything just to stay revelent. One day coming soon someone closes to Khloe will write an all tell memoir on all the (SECRETS) that they have experienced while sitting taking NOTES on the inside of the wicked,evil,CURSED kardashian clan. It will be a BUST and a serious WRAP for the Kardashian Empire. Remember it is only an opinion, lord forgive me,it is not my intentions to insult anyone. I pray that 2014 will be a better new year for all.


Khloe doesn't deserve any hate she din't do anything to anyone, she simply loved her husband. my husband dumed me last year, but I am in peace. She's young and can meet a good man and have his children.


Why doesnt she just quit dating because the Kardashians appearently have terrible taste in men. Learn to be happy by yourself, with out a man Khloe is the way to go, instead of mistake after mistake.


Why is everyone so negative? If you don't like the Kardashians then don't read or write about them. They don't deserve all the hate they get. They are human, too.

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