Kevin Lanflisi: Aaron Rodgers' Boyfriend? Or Former Roommate and Assistant?

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Kevin Lanflisi has been Aaron Rodgers' roommate and personal assistant for years. The question is whether he and the NFL star are, or were, a couple.

This week, Aaron Rodgers gay rumors arose after The Fame Driven received a "spy" email tipping them off to "bitter subliminal tweets on Lanflisiā€™s Twitter.

Those tweets certainly allude to a relationship much deeper than a friendship, but is it pure conjecture to assume Lanflisi was intimate with Rodgers?

The "evidence" is thin, but it is intriguing enough where you can see how rumors arose. In a 2008 interview, Rodgers was asked if he lived with anybody. He replied:

"I've got a roommate, a guy I met in town. He works for the Packers now as an athletic trainer, but he was interning when I met him and we just hit it off."

"He's been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football. Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do," the athlete said of Lanflisi.

Hit it off they did, platonically or otherwise.

Aaron Rodgers has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any female dates, including the ESPYs.

Strong attachment to a male roommate does not a homosexual relationship make, but a series of recent events really got the rumor mill churning.

Kevin was the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011, and he once remarked that he sizes up other celebs based on:

"How they are to people like Kevin ... Kevin, he's not a famous person. I want to see if they give Kevin the time of day, or if they try to big-time him."

Clearly, the two are, or were close until Lanflisi left Wisconsin for California this fall, which is when their relationship really started generating buzz.

A few weeks ago, he published some uncharacteristically bitter, cryptic tweets.

Implying he'd suffered a rough break-up, he wrote: "All that time spent on 'us' is now spent on 'me.'" Sources say he's never mentioned a girlfriend.

"I wish you would learn to love people and use things... Not the other way around," he also Tweeted, along with "silence has an expiration date."

Some observers then connected these remarks to a report that this past summer, four gay NFL players were contemplating coming out simultaneously.

An unnamed source claims Rodgers was involved, but backed out "at the last minute," infuriating Lanflisi, and possibly inspiring his enigmatic tweet(s).

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 1
Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 2
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kevin lanflisi tweet 4

Kevin's subliminal tweets aside, the biggest argument against the theory that Aaron Rodgers is gay is that he's been in a relationship with a woman.

He and Daisy Newton, who he reportedly met at a church camp, have been an item for a few years. Fans have wondered if they're secretly engaged.

The obvious explanation for that, if you're determined to think Aaron Rodgers is gay, is that Daisy's his "beard" or he's confused about his sexuality.

As we saw when NBA player Jason Collins came out, he had been in a long-term relationship with - and engaged to - a woman, Carolyn Moos.

Kevin Lanflisi and Aaron Rodgers

These things are rarely cut and dried, and assuming Rodgers is gay - still a stretch, despite any of these details - it has to be a personal and complicated issue for him.

Some believe homosexuals in privileged cultural positions have an obligation to come out, to make life easier for those closeted by more trying circumstances.

But the pressures of coming out in pro basketball or football are starkly different than, say, Robin Roberts at ABC or Anderson Cooper at CNN.

Needless to say, the 30-year-old has not commented on the rumors.

Gay or straight, and regardless of what we think, Rodgers will lead the Packers against San Francisco in the first round of the NFL playoffs this weekend.

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UPDATE: In an interview on Tuesday, December 31, Rodgers discussed the rumors briefly, saying he is not gay and adding "I really like women."

Mark j musial

"Personal assistant" that lives with him for heterosexual, rich man has a guy live with don't happen!


I would like to say that people are wrong and that they have no proof that Aaron Rodgers is gay. However, time and again I have taken that stance and been wrong. Where there is smoke, there is USUALLY fire. And yes, you CAN USUALLY judge a book by it's cover, so to speak. Personally, I think it will eventually come out that he is gay. Not that it matters, but it will look foolish of him denying it if he does eventually come out.


If you're going to try to be credible with your bullshit least get her name right. A simple google search of Destiny Newton will help you.


I agree with the other poster this website needs to dig some more I think. If Aaron and Kevin were just friends why is he silent? Why did Kevin not immediately say he is not gay? This is strange it looks like Aaron is hiding something why does he not address the fact Kevin is gone?


"Church Camp"? Which pro sport superstar meets his girlfriend at "church camp." Come on... What about Hooters?

@ Danno

There are, were and always will be gay football players. Quit your macho bullshit


Who cares what Aaron Rodgers is. He is a good nice person and a good football player and that is all that matters. Tons of people are bisexual, gay or lesbian or adulterors or getting it on with animals, so who gives a shit what he is. Kevin needs to shut his trap, looks like he is trying to get money.

@ louellen Transamericano

naw he shouldn't be gay thats bad real bad!

@ louellen Transamericano

Amen to that!


I don't know enough about Aaron to comment on whether or not he's gay(and really, who cares?). But it seems to me like this Kevin guy is PISSED for being fired as Aaron's personal assistant and is out for Twitter revenge and his 15 minutes of fame. What a LOSER!

@ Rayna

Kevin isn't out seeking "revenge." He was posting some cryptic tweets about a situation that can be interpreted as anything. Kevin also posted a tweet a while back about what he wanted to find in the perfect girl.

@ Anon

Most of what Kevin tweeted were song lyrics. Maybe kevin was trying to stirr up shit, job well done, now its over. He probably signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and that's why he hasn't commented on the sitiuation. Aaron is not gay, and who cares about kevin cause he obviously tried to take advantage of aaron financially or publicly and got fired. End of story


The biggest argument *for* Aaron being gay is the fact Kevin Lanflisi has remained strangely silent on the issue. If he and Aaron were just friends, why wouldn't he step forward to squash these rumors ASAP. Reporters have a quote from A-Rod's very Christian dad on the issue so it's not as if the inner circle is unaware of the story.

@ Leigh

Non disclosure agreement signed equals he has nothing to say.


if kevin washes his anus, aaron takes him from behind.
but roommates anyway!!

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