Justin Bieber: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5!

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We're halfway through THG's annual, arbitrary countdown of the year's top celebrities.

Kate Upton got things started at #10, followed by meth cook extraordinaire Walter White at #9, amazing actress Jennifer Lawrence at #8, that S&M lover Christian Grey at #7 and the overall concept of Twerking at #6.

Now, clocking in at #5, Mr. Controversy himself, JUSTIN BIEBER!

Justin Bieber Shirtless GIF

Bieber was absolutely everywhere in 2013, though that wasn't always a good thing.

His previously perfect reputation took quite the hit, thanks to incidents such as...

Justin attacking a photographer in London:

Justin peeing in a mop bucket and laughing about it:

Justin being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards:

Bieber being filmed while sleeping by a random Brazilian woman who then confirmed she slept with the singer:

Bieber also threw many crazy house parties, one of which led to allegations of assault against a young woman and one that nearly landed a passed-out guest in the hospital.

All of these incidents and others led to Bieber actually being booed at the Billboard Music Awards, while his "Believe" movie opened on Christmas Day and totally bombed.

On the music side, however, these scandals did little to slow Bieber down. He toured the globe to packed stadiums. He blew up the Internet with #MusicMondays this fall. His "Journals" compilation sold very well on iTunes.

But Justin Bieber clearly suffered a major hit to his reputation in 2013. Can he resurrect his good boy image in 2014? Does he even want to? It will be fascinating to watch.

For now, let's all appreciate how much the guy at least stays in the news and let's all drool over the following Justin Bieber photo montage:

Justin Bieber with Tattoos
Bieber Crotch Grab
Justin Bieber, All in White
Justin Bieber Nude
Justin Bieber in Red Gloves
Biebs in Sin City
Justin Bieber Courtside
Justin Bieber Shirtless Instagram
Justin Bieber Beer Pic

Love him and his movie. Haters go home.


Love Bieber and loved his movie


This article is a disgrace to online journalism. Where is the integrity of the writer. Casually knotting a string of half truths, exaggerations and blown out of porportion situations together like this, without fact checking or seeing things in perspective or having an objective pov resulted in this bad piece of journalism.


Let me add that some of those parties were thrown his friends he no longer hangs out with one of which [Lil Twist] was accused[that has not been proven in a court of law} of assault on a girl. His being booed at at billboard was not different from One Direction being booed at the awards show recently; very rude people angry their favorites did not win and who did not like them anyway.


This is so stupid and readers, who fact check nothing, fall for it. His being carried up the wall part way was a fun stunt involving a video shot by Alfredo Flores. The almost fight with a pap was because of the insults thrown by that pap at him; why is that not mentioned? Furthermore members of One Directon were involved with similar actions with paps, how come they are not criticized? And are people that stupid to blame him for being taped by a woman while he took a nap at a party, a woman who has increasingly lied to the media? How biased can you be.


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we're allowed to laugh now?


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he will be starring a porn movie for F*ggots only?

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