Justin Bieber Bodyguards Arrested for Assaulting a COP

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Two of Justin Bieber's bodyguards have really gone and done it now.

According to a video posted on TMZ, security team members Hugo Hesny and Michael Arana were arrested in Florida on Saturday after assaulting a law enforcement officer at a "Miami Meet Up" for Bieber's  new film in Aventura.

Despite the name of this event, Bieber himself was not in attendance. He was actually in Canada snowmobiling.

Justin Bieber Rocks the Red Carpet

This is simply the latest, and seemingly most extreme, example of Bieber's bodyguards going on the offensive.

In November, one was booked for assault in Hawaii. Just a week later, cameras caught another bodyguard confronting a paparazzo in Australia.

Justin may not have always been on hand when these incidents went down, but at some point the singer has to take responsibility for the actions of his employees.

Doesn't he?

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How can they be his body guards if he's in Canada and they are in Miami? We're they there for crowd control? This story makes no sense. Sounds like they are thugs who are just being themselves.


he still likes to be Johnny Rambo himself, hahahahahahahahahaha.


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