Justin Bieber Announces Retirement, Ruins Christmas

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Justin Bieber has placed a giant lump of coal inside the stocking of Beliebers everywhere:

He announced his retirement on Twitter last night.

Justin Bieber Looks Cool

“My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” the singer wrote. “The media talks a lot about me. They make a up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I’m never leaving you. Being a belieber is a lifestyle.”

Justin made this same retirement mention during a radio interview last week. Twitter blew up in response with one side celebrating and the other side wondering how to go on living.

“Be kind loving to each other, forgive each other as god forgave us through Christ," Bieber added, concluding his sad message with: "Merry Christmas  IM HERE FOREVER."

Of course, Bieber's new movie opens today. Might there be some small chance this is merely a PR move on the artist's part? Let's all hope and pray it is, right, readers?

Do you hope Justin Bieber retires?


Ok beliebers, don't fret. He's not going anywhere. This is just a huge publicity stunt to boost his new movie ratings.


I use to really like him and I still listen to his music, but I think that a lot of his fame and fortune went to his head. He just looks like a snobby and stuck up rich kid. But I believe he will be back.


You dumb fucks who gloat over his possible retirement[ he will be back], what has he done to you so that you hate him? This kid has done more for people than you morons put together.

@ ivan cardona

oh, shut up


Most readers of sites like this are probably haters who don't know him so they will act as if he is their landlord and threw them out of their apt. He does not need the publicity; if he winks, this will be reported worldwide. He is retiring for a year away from the stupid gossip loving media and concerts; he will be back.

@ ivan

Did you miss all of the things he's done that makes him a total asshole or something? Are you one of his fans with the selective reading problem?

@ Annie

I may have not gotten everything I had wanted for Christmas but at least I got this


was the only xmas pressy i got that i liked


He needs to just go away.


Best xmas present evr. The biggest disappointment would be if he changes his mind and doesnt retire. And you know what? The media is still gonna talk about him where ever he goes. Once you sign your life away to live the life of a celebrity there's no getting out. And that fact that he said "IM HERE FOREVER" tells me that, sadly, he'll be back. I'd like to hope that he'll go to rehab to clean himself up but I really doubt it.


everybody's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, to feel good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has an album and movie coming out - PR stunt.


Wow that's great finally good riddance

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