Jenelle Evans Posts Baby Bump Pics, Was Probably Drinking While Pregnant

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Jenelle Evans has posted a pair of pictures of her baby bump that suggest, indirectly, that she was probably drinking while pregnant a few months ago.

In addition to a snapshot of herself working out with her unborn child at the gym, she also posted a photo of herself, naked in the tub, on Instagram.

“Me and the baby just relaxing,” Evans captioned the pic, in which her tattoo reading ”Cela Passera Aussi" (or "This Too Shall Pass") is clearly visible.

Naturally, her nude baby bump can be seen protruding from the bubbles in the bath. Just magical. There's just one thing about the bump, though ...

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump at the Gym
Jenelle Evans Nude Baby Bump

When she confirmed she was pregnant with her second child this month, she received a lot of backlash from fans regarding whether or not she's sober.

Naturally, this being Jenelle Evans, speculation ran rampant that she had been drinking and doing drugs during her pregnancy. Not out of the question.

In fact, the Teen Mom 2 star drank publicly during a trip to Philadelphia in late October, but according to Jenelle she wasn’t pregnant at that point.

Which would mean she is less than two months pregnant, of course, which likely isn't the case, as she is rocking a fully-formed baby bump by now.

If she's less than two months pregnant? She's not looking like that. So in all likelihood, Jenelle was in fact drinking and smoking weed while pregnant.

Good times. Only not at all. Not entirely surprising times, for sure.

To be fair, the pic from the gym, taken last week, shows the bump on the MTV personality looking a lot smaller. Maybe she just "popped" over the weekend.

That would still put her at 3-4 months along now, however. She could've been pregnant and not known it, in her defense ... but it makes you think.

Of course she was promptly slammed by her followers, but Nathan Griffith's future baby mama insists she has turned over a new leaf these days.

Do you believe her? Share your comments and votes below ...


For everyone talking crap about her. Its stupid and pointless, seriously get a life y'all are so worried about what's going on in her life what's it matter let her make her stupid decisions that's her life to judge not yours. I'm mean come on yall aren't perfect either not saying y'all neglect yalls child or drink or do drugs while pregnant. Buy no one is perfect let her make and learn from her own mistakes that's how everyone learns. Not everyone matures in a day it takes time patients and help. So just leave her alone it doesn't help her with everyone's negativity torwards her.

Bree sikes

I think people are ignorant. Just from what I've seen the last few months, I can tell she has straitened up quite a bit. People dont realize other people (famous people as well) can & do make mistakes just like the rest of us human beings. She seems to have her head on right being with Nathan, he seems to stand up for her when people are bashing her. She's young & has had to deal with adult issues & problems & life. I think people should give her the benefit of the doubt for once. I think Janelle is going to do great for herself this time around. Goodluck girl.

@ Bree Sikes

My point exactly but obviously none of these hot heads seem to see that. There so focused on everyone else's wrong doings that they don't even see there own. They are grown she's not I believe they need to grow up and pay attention to there own life's before pointing the finger at Jenelle. My mom always told me when someone's all in your life worrying about what your doing and how your living your life, it means they don't have one.

@ Bree Sikes

Her head is obviously NOT on straight. Just having another kid shows that. But drinking and doing drugs at ALL at her age and in her situation shows she is not straightened out. Doing it while pregnant is ILLEGAL.


I just saw October 19th pics of Jenelle. She is absolutely showing then. She had to know she was pregnant. She recently said she's quite far along. Cam't even keep her lies straight. Watch her give birth BEFORE April. I had a really sick thought. She keeps talking about wanting a girl. Gender should be able to be determined by now. What if she only announced her pregnancy AFTER gender was determined? What if she keeps talking about a girl because she knows that's safe since she knows it is one? ... Now for the sick part... What if she kept it secret until she confirmed the sex, and if it had been a boy, she'd have terminated before we'd even know she ever was pregnant? Of course I don't know if it's true. I hope it's not, but why did she wait so long? She waited beyond the period to wait until miscarriage is then unlikely like many people do; she waited beyond that... around when sex is determined. I wouldn't put anything past her.


The guy is stupid for getting her pregnant. If he cared he would make her straighten up and get her son back and then try for a baby. Both are trash. Her mom will end up with this baby too

@ DA

Ummm, they shouldn't be "trying for a baby" to begin with. It is not as if they are an established couple with established careers and lives capable of raising a child.


She doesn't take care of her first baby I wonder if her mom will get stuck taking care of this one tooo


I have zero reason to defend this trash bag, but the statement that a woman who is 2 months pregnant can't look like this is ABSOLUTE BS. I just passed the 2 month mark and this is what I look like, when you're on your second or later pregnancy the stomach muscles are much more relaxed which means you show a lot sooner.

@ firebug666

Who knows she may have more than one in there.


so the baby will an alcoholic?
.............please cut it out.


What is wrong with her belly button? Looks scary.

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