Jenelle Evans on Arrest: Blame the Uptight Neighbors!

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Jenelle Evans was arrested over the weekend, to the surprise of no one ... except for Jenelle Evans herself, who has no idea what the big deal was!

It turns out the pregnant Teen Mom 2 star wasn't expecting to be busted for breaching the peace, and thinks that her uptight neighbors are to blame.

Jenelle Evans, Boyfriend Photo

On Twitter, she says her fight with baby daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith that brought South Carolina cops to her doorstep wasn't at all how it's being reported.

According to police, she'd locked Nathan out of the house during a fight, and he was making a racket outside because he wanted to get back in.

She tells a different story, explaining away the arrest as a tiff with her neighbors, who called police for no reason and do so often over minor issues.

Jenelle Evans posted a couple of Tweets on this very subject:

  • lmfao me and Nathan weren't fighting she made it all up, Nathan voice is loud and he walks around outside to talk on the phone
  • the cop told me to go and press charges for harassment cuz she said those neighbors call at least 3 times a week for BS

Typical Jenelle. Always explaining it away and blaming others.

We don't doubt that her neighbors are annoying, but aren't she and Nathan Griffith also being annoying, using loud voices outdoors where it impacts others?

Here she is, pregnant again with her second child and telling the world she's got her life back on track (or just on track for the first time), and then ... this.

Here's hoping it's a one-off (20-off?) but it doesn't bode well.

Jenelle Evans: Will she ever get her act together?!


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