Husbands Fall Asleep, Look Totally Miserable While Wives Shop

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Did you know that the average woman spends 457 hours shopping in the days leading up to Christmas?

Okay, maybe not. But it certainly feels that way to boyfriends and husbands who get dragged along to the mall while their prettier half picks up one item after another after another after another...

And now a perfectly named Instagram account (miserable_men/Instagram) has captured some hilarious reactions of those stuck waiting for their wives.

Some men sleep. Others text. Others look as if they'd rather be grossed out by Miley Cyrus masturbating than sitting, hopelessly waiting for the torture to end. Click through these images now:

Oh So Miserable
  • Man Shops with Wife
  • Stuck Shopping
  • Passed Out While Shopping
  • Asleep While Shopping
  • Bored While Shopping
  • Asleep with His Son
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it's part of the job of owing a family.