Happy 32nd Birthday, Britney Spears!

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Britney Spears turns 32 on this second day of December. Thirty-two!

It seems like a lifetime ago that we first fell in love with her. Heck ... it sort of was a lifetime ago. The Britney Jean Spears of yesteryear? Just unreal hot. 

See Exhibit A below. We rest our obscenely smoldering case.

Britney Spears Nude in Esquire

In her 32 years, she's been through almost that many scandals.

She became an icon seemingly overnight. She went wild, then mellowed out. She's been on top, and rock bottom, and risen like a Phoenix from the ashes.

For 15-plus years, she's entertained, and captured our hearts, whether she's that innocent girl next door or the dominatrix with the weird British accent.

Seriously, Brit ... what's up with that things.

These days, she's gearing up for her Las Vegas residency, and the release of her new studio album titled Britney Jean. Because it's such a personal one, y'all.

Through it all, from musical, fashion and celebrity gossip standpoints, there is only one Britney Spears, and we wish the pride of Kentwood, La., the very best.

Have a great 32nd birthday, girl, and know that Team Britney has your back, 24/7/365. Click through THG's tribute in Britney Spears photos and videos below!

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