Father-Daughter Photo Series Celebrates Mom, Will Make You Cry

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Grab your tissues, people. This one's a tear-jerker.

Ali and Ben Nunery were married in 2009. Like most married couples, they had photos taken of themselves in their wedding attire, except theirs were set to the backdrop of the house they'd bought together, the place they planned to call home for quite some time.

In 2011, just a year after she gave birth to their daughter Olivia, Ali Nunery passed away from lung cancer. Now, two years later, Ben Nunery and daughter Olivia are ready to say goodbye to that home.

But not before they had a special father-daughter photo shoot recreating Ben and Ali's wedding photos with Olivia as his sidekick. 

Dad Recreates Wedding Photos with Daughter

"I was just really looking for a way to say farewell to the house, and have some things that Olivia and I can have to...remember," Ben said.

"Those images represent some of the happiest moments in my life," he wrote. "

Now he'll have a new set of images to "celebrate the great, enduring love [he] has for both Ai and Olivia."

Click through to see the rest of these breathtaking photos, but be warned. You might just shed a tear or five.

Father-Daughter Photos to Melt Your Heart
Ben Nunery and Daughter
Father Recreates Wedding Photo with Daughter
Father and Daughter Recreate Photo Shoot
Father and Daughter's Photo Shoot is Beautiful
Ben Nunery and Daughter Olivia

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very touching!

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